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Application: Rapid Peer Review

University professors are one of our nation’s fastest growing occupations. The “publish or perish” mandate requires professors at research universities to publish their work in peer reviewed journals or lose their jobs. However, the journal review process can sometimes take up to two years for an article to get through the cycles of submission, feedback and resubmission before a manuscript is accepted for publication. Rapid Peer Review is a transformational web-based service that utilizes a special algorithm to match authors who wish to submit articles with verified expert peer reviewers who can provide critical up-front feedback significantly cutting the time an article spends in the journal pipeline. Why wait several months to receive valuable, time sensitive feedback from peers in your field when it could take as little as a few days? Now authors can get their articles published faster while expert peer reviewers earn extra income. Rapid Peer Review combines the latest web technology with the power of social media to solve an existing problem for many while creating opportunity for others to capitalize on their expertise, all the while creating a social benefit by improving the speed of knowledge dissemination – a triple win. To grow the customer base, Rapid Peer Review will integrate online peer-to-peer marketing efforts with conventional business development activities.

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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