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Application: Producia

College students face the following challenges:

1. Little to no experience in their desired career fields
2. No one stop source to find a diversity of talents on campus
3. Short on cash
4. Transitioning into a tough job market

(In April 2012, The Associated Press reported that 1 in 2 college grads were underemployed or unemployed.)

Our startup, Producia, was developed to help solve these problems by utilizing technology for social good.

Imagine a Craigslist for college students that uses a digital, time-based currency called Fini instead of dollars (concept is called time banking), and also had a startup program to help college students create jobs they love & improve the local community.

That’s what we’re developing with our startup, Producia, which is the fun, campus-based marketplace with a cause. We have created partnerships with several student organizations at Virginia Commonwealth University and have started a 3 month pilot project to test out our model on campus.

Submitted on February 18, 2013

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