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Application: PotLuck

PotLuck is the third party marketing arm of locally crafted libations. By leveraging existing partnerships within Virginia’s craft beer industry, nonprofits, and community leaders we will continue to enhance the relationship between the local community and the Commonwealth’s award-winning, bourgeoning libations industry. Having been financially outmuscled by “Big Beer” and holding onto only 5% of the beer market there is a significant need for these local refreshments to have additional representation in a crowded market. Local brewers will utilize our services to assist in increasing consumer awareness through three areas of focus: brewery tours, brokerage services, event planning/fundraisers. Establishing ourselves as the craft beer brokers of Virginia we will focus on growing brands without adding the cost additional salaries, benefits, and training associated with bringing on a full time sales professional. Additionally, PotLuck has been dedicated to the growth of locally made products by involving ourselves with  Virginia’s most comprehensive brewery tours established late 2012. Moving forward we will use handcrafted tours, promotions and special events to act as ambassadors for our craft brewing partners, non-profits, and civic organizations. As brokers for local business’ we will strive to educate consumers on the mantra; locally made, locally enjoyed, Handcrafted Right Here at Home.

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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