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Application: MyRayFaves

Privacy, Discounts and Lifestyle: MyRayFaves is an internet business, based on two pending patents, that gives discounts, rewards and incentives to members of segments of similar people.  At My RayFaves, NO credit card is ever required.  MyRayFaves gets a small percentage of each transaction from manufacturers and retailers. Unlike traditional segmentation systems that use age and race (which people can’t control), MyRayFaves segments using a patented personality test, and user selected preferences of product and service. Manufacturers and retailers provide discounts and rewards to anonymous segment members based on member likes and dislikes. Members will try, and buy, products because they understand anonymous members of their segment have similar tastes.  Try out the prototype demonstration system for yourself.  Go to  You will find “It’s All About You.” at MyRayFaves.  Go to the YouTube video:

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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