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Application: LiveSeed

So your friend is an artist and you’re a musician. You both want to find an online network to post and share your work. There’s plenty of these around so you have no problem finding them. But let’s say you guys want to interact in one place or with other creative people to post, share, sell, and blog about your work. What if you do music and photography? Or graphic design? Or you even design clothing? Creative people like this should be in one place to share their work, not separated by interest specific websites across the web. And if you have more than one creative interest to showcase you should be able to combine all of those passions on a platform that is designed for that very purpose. serves as that platform. It brings creatives to one user friendly hub where they can do anything from organizing a portfolio to selling their work and blogging about their experiences. At, we inspire creativity.

Submitted on March 14, 2013

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