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Application: Livefeedr

Livefeedr connects you to the events you care about. Every day meaningful events pass disconnected from their most enthusiastic supporters. Our platform allows these supporters to virtually attend an event, through a livefeed, anywhere with Internet access. Events can range from sports games to conference speeches, public concerts to family gatherings. A livefeed is a place where an event transcends its location – participants from all over the world communicating and collaborating about a shared experience the very second it happens. Our platform (comprised of a website and mobile apps for iPhone and Android) is a medium for individuals to cover any event they are currently attending via text, photo, video and audio. For organizations and corporations, it is a more engaging way to present chronological event content – a means of cultivating a more connected audience. It’s a social community for live events presented by anyone.

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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