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Application: Interviews From Hell

INTERVIEWS FROM HELL is a mobile application focused on the sh*t we go through to get a job or fill a position.

This three tiered application is geared to help prepare users for their next interview …and provide quite a few laughs while they’re at it. First, IFH collects and shares the outrageous scenarios and horror stories of both employers and job candidates during the interview process and posts these experiences in a real time social feed. End users will be able to like/dislike and provide commentary or support for the submissions on the timeline.

Next, users can view daily expert advice from local professionals such as Snag-A-Job, the VA Unemployment Commission, and local recruiters. This tier also includes links to articles, data, and statistics supporting the current post.

Lastly, this application provides the ability to conduct personal mock interviews by accessing the user’s mobile camera. Randomly submitted questions will scroll across the screen giving users the option to record and playback their reactions. While an excellent source of entertainment and hilarity, this feature proves to be a useful exercise in thinking outside of the box. Visit and commiserate! Watch:

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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