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Application: Collabor804

Collabor804 is an affordable rental studio that will provide local artists with an open environment to create, choreograph, communicate and collaborate! Richmond is full of artists from the visual to the performing and it’s not always easy to find a space to practice or meet up with others to work on individual or group projects. Collabor804 gives aspiring instructors, from dance to yoga to martial arts, a studio where they could practice or give private lessons in a mirrored room with a stereo system. It would also offer quiet, well lit areas with light supplies for graphic designers, painters, or other visual artists and Wifi is included in the rental price. In exchange for a small membership fee, artists in Richmond could come utilize the space and would just need to reserve their spot an hour before their desired time.  There will also be rates for drop-ins. Since the goal of Collabor804 is to create fusion amongst RVA artists, once a month the studio will host open houses where members can showcase and share their creations while also providing support & feedback for others. Find out more:

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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