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Application: CARP2US

How many times have you had a vexing customer service experience? You want to make yourself heard, you want resolution, but you don’t have the time. CARP2US provides the fix. We allow customers to “carp” and bring businesses into the conversation. CARP2US leverages the immediacy, efficiency, and engagement of social media, tied together by a kick-ass smart phone app. Plus, we add a bit of entertainment value to balance the karma and keep users interested.

Just tap a button on your smartphone’s screen to let the business (and your friends) know how you feel. Your phone knows where you are and makes it easy to provide feedback with a couple of clicks. Tap a CARP2US NFC chip or scan a CARP2US QRC posted by a business to start the process. Engage at any level…from simply clicking one button to rate your experience…all the way to posting a full-out rant that can include text, audio and video. Civility is required, humor is encouraged. Businesses immediately receive your comment and get a chance to respond directly through CARP2US. See which businesses are getting carps…and how well they resolve them.

Complain constructively…CARP2US!

Submitted on March 18, 2013

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