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Application: aGRAshare

Want to gather with friends and family around a bonfire and listen to the quiet strumming of guitars under the stars?  Congregate with the community rail-side to celebrate and support historical horse races that benefit local charities? Stroll an open air market perusing the wares of local organic artisans?  Swing on a tire-swing, climb a rope ladder or cross a stream dangling from a zip-line? Learn from local farmers and chefs how to grow, harvest and cook heirloom crops?  Explore a sustainable barnyard, interacting with heritage livestock and collect your own farm fresh eggs? Then join our “Roots Revival”!


aGRAshare is holding a “Roots Revival” and everyone is asked to attend!

Why? aGRAshare seeks to “revive the roots” of Virginia’s rural heritage for all of us to enjoy and experience. aGRAshare will aggregate conservation, innovation, education and preservation to ensure sustainable agricultural, technical, cultural and economic development and attract a cross sector of social enterprises with like values for the betterment of our community and Virginia at large.

How? RSVP to our “Roots Revival” by voting for aGRAshare as your favorite start-up in the ie. Start-up Competition.

When? March 26, 27 and 28 is currently under construction but in the meantime, please join us on Facebook!

**To further illustrate our commitment to cultivating opportunities for our community to experience a more personal connection with agriculture, WE PLEDGE to DONATE 10% of any CASH prizes AWARDED to aGRAshare to fellow NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS in the GREATER RICHMOND AREA!**

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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