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Application: Adam’s Philosophy

What is “ADAM’S PHILOSOPHY”- “The Beginning of the “BEST”

This is who we are! We are just what you need to create, educate, train and problem solve your personal, program or business needs. We have over 15 years of experience. The Business has provided services for The Department of Health, The VA Fatherhood Campaign, Local Community Centers, Richmond Public Schools and Good Will Employment Centers to name just a few. All of these endeavors have provided quite a return on time invested. Our new premier program is called “The Ambassador Institute.” We are finding that students and families are not prepared; students are not successfully meeting their education goals! Making the right college selection is essential to getting that job and making your career choice a reality! We are here to help. The Ambassador Institute “AI” Our educational Program brings 15 years of Trio and Higher educational experience! Assistance with choosing a college, Assistance with college admission forms, Assistance in getting financial aid, especially grants and work study, Career Work Shops, Career Speakers, Touring and Mentoring, College Visits, and SAT/ACT Workshops. What makes us unique is that our services go beyond basics. We educate on “How to get the money the Schools say they don’t have”, How to map my career choice”, and “how to become a Master Student.’ These are just a few of the special insights we are able to present. We have done presentations for Richmond Schools and our research has indicated that these services are in demand by all schools. We have already established a strong network with public and private institutions’.

If we were to receive this grant, it would allow this business to provide many more of these services for youth and underfunded organizations.

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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