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Application: 3rd Sensation

3rd Sensation…enables you to add the effect of vibration to video and movie content.

First there were silent movies which used the sense of sight, and then the second sense was added, the sense of hearing. Now the 3rd Sensation is available, the sense of touch. Now you can…”Feel the Image”.
Third Sensation enhanced video engages multiple senses on the phone, the tablet and the TV remote. Imagine capturing video on your phone and adding vibration events which coincide with the action moments.
Now sharing the action via Twitter or on your Facebook page includes vibration to heighten the experience. Your baby boy jumps up and down in his crib, each time his feet lands you add a vibration event…now your friends can feel the baby jumping via video.
3rd Sensation Mobile advertising entertains and engages your customer with the sense that they can feel your message. An Interactive opportunity: artwork with a QR code and 3rd Sensation enhanced video creates product shirts or posters which invite you to “feel the Image” the motorcycle roar, the cat’s meow or even the blooper moment.

Submitted on March 18, 2013

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