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Application: Vet Home Care LLC

This is a mobile, house-call veterinary service for multiple species, specializing in hospice and end-of-life care. Presently I am working from my personal vehicle, offering a limited emergency service, all vaccines, medical testing, and field surgeries. Petco Corp. has contracted for in-house care at all 6 local stores. This has proved popular with the managers and their recommendations have added numerous clients.

Non-drivers, those whose pets are poor travelers and homes where both parents work prefer this service for convenience and low stress. Pet breeders appreciate not exposing new-borns to waiting room risks. Local veterinarians and specialists are recommending the service for follow-up home care as well as hospice and end-of-life. I have contracted with a local pet crematory for coordinated home pick up when euthanizing. To further serve owner’s needs I presently offer services in Spanish and am working with local churches to offer low cost services in underserved neighborhoods. I am available for any school having a career day.

The addition of a Licensed Veterinary Technition to offer care when applicable and an equipped mobile van would provide cost effective care to a wider clientel. Appointments are from 8AM-8PM 5 days a week and 9AM-2PM Sat. I answer my phone ANY time ANY day to help in an hour of need.

Submitted on April 23, 2012

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