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Application: The TLC – Video!

For many different life events, we are here to help show someone you care by sending them a delicious, homestyle meal prepared in our USDA approved kitchen. Our three online food websites are;, and They allow people nationwide to continue the timeless tradition of “bringing over” a meal to someone who is experiencing a loss or an illness or to someone who has just welcomed a new member to the family. All of our 24 different meal packages are chef prepared, flash frozen and shipped nationwide by FedEx in 1-3 days. We are trying to reach our consumer by SEO and establishing affiliate partnerships with funeral homes, hospitals, hospices, baby registries and HR departments. Flowers have always been a “fall back” type gift to let individuals know you were thinking of them during one of these three life events. A lot of people feel like flowers can be a waste sometimes. Food has always been a welcome gift, but distances or schedules sometimes don’t allow for preparation or delivery. The TLC Kitchen has bridged that distance and schedule gap!

Executive Summary for The TLC Kitchen

Check out this video from The TLC Kitchen

Submitted on May 8, 2012

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