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Application: ThankYouPro

ThankYouPro is an iPhone application that lets you create and mail a professional thank you note in less than a minute.

Elegant designs, handwritten signature, your logo or photo, a first class stamp, mailed in 24hrs. Choose from over 20 quality card designs to fit the situation — casual, formal, friendly, tasteful. Or create your own card from a photograph or any image. Write your personal thank you note with a handwriting font and pen color of your choice. Add your company logo and sign your name right on the iPhone! Tap ‘Mail’ and your card is sent off to the printer to be printed, slipped into the envelope, and mailed. We place an actual 1st class stamp on your envelope and put your card in the mail.

Sales professional know the impact that a printed follow-up thank you note can have. But busy professionals just don’t have the time to find cards, write notes, buy stamps, and get to a mailbox. ThankYouPro lets them create that note on their iPhone and send it before leaving their customer’s parking lot.

238 million iPhones & iPads, > 25 million US sales professionals, 7 billion greeting cards sold every year in US. The potential is significant!

Our initial target market will be sales professionals in real estate, insurance, pharmaceutical/medical, automotive, financial services and marketing verticals. There is also a large consumer market – for example, moms sending thank you cards for birthday and baby shower presents.

ThankYouPro will be sold worldwide through the Apple appStore and to enterprise accounts for distribution to their sales force. Card production and fulfillment is based in Richmond.
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Submitted on April 9, 2012

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