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Application: Scalability Project, LLC – Video!

Scalability Project is a digital inbound marketing agency. We work with businesses that want to grow, but either don’t have the bandwidth or internal expertise to take advantage of new digital marketing and social media techniques to drive that growth.

We help brands build scale into their business by
– Developing a strategy to reach their buyer.
– Driving more traffic to their website and generating more leads from that traffic
– Then nurturing those leads to convert more into sales ready conversations
– We wrap it up with marketing analytics to track results and ROI

Our business model is build on an inbound marketing approach that we use to help our client get found and engage with more of their potential buyers.

It’s also a key element of our own marketing strategy that is driven by search marketing, SEO, and social media to get found. Then leverages website optimization, landing pages, content marketing, email, and offer testing to generate leads and nurture those leads through their research and evaluation stages. Finally develop marketing analytics to provide an in-depth look at what’s working, and what not across all of the marketing activities.

Check out this video from Scalability Project

Submitted on May 7, 2012

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