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Application: Run and Go Sitter

The concept of the Run and Go Sitter was born when I constantly found myself turning around to go home and ditch my shopping once my infant and toddler had fallen asleep in the car to avoid waking them up or having to bring them from the car in inclement weather. I wished there was a local service which provided babysitting services for shoppers and moms like myself. Upon doing some research, I did find that some other states did offer a similar service for drop offs within their store, however, I felt it would be great if the sitter could actually watch the kids from the car so that you didn’t have to take them out of the car especially to avoid waking a sleeping baby. The sitters would all need to be certified, background checked and have cpr training and early childhood experience. Moms could shop with ease and more quickly if they had a sitter experience within the merchant’s lot. Another alternative would be to have a drop off within the store for moms who did not wish to leave their children in the car. Moms would also need to sign a release and acknowledgement form to ensure that the children could be safely left inside of the cars and that windows were cracked or enough ventilation to ensure a safe environment inside the car. The idea of the Run and Go sitter would be great especially in inclement weather and marketable to moms who may not necessarily have a sitter available each time they need to run errands or do food shopping.

Executive Summary for Run and Go Sitter

Submitted on May 9, 2012

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