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Application: RPM (rims performance mobileelectronics or richmond performance modifications

CONCEPT-My concept is the “World’s Greatest Super Autosalon” as I am a mini version of it now, my business is unlike any other business and it is unique because is no other business like mine.

HOW IT LOOKS- Like an ultimate candy store for your car

HOW IT OPERATES- On the grind like were going to win this contest

IT’S IMPACT- Keeping your vehicle reliable, safe, beautifying and restoring vehicles

HOW IS YOUR BUSINESS INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE- It is innovative because I am capable of many services related to vehicles. It is unique because there is no other business like mine, I am the next Best Buy but with a serious twist.

WHO IS YOUR CONSUMER- My consumer is “YOU” if you own a car then you are my customer, I cover everything from aftermarket to stock, my clients are 15 1/2 getting there first car to the 80 year old grandfather.

WHAT IS YOUR PAIN POINT ADD WHAT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE ADDRESS- My pain point is basic daily driving maintenance to repair to high tech toy to showcar restoration, basically your every vehicle needs.

HOW WILL YOU REACH YOUR CONSUMER- I will reach my consumers with “SIZE”, internet forums, email blasts( I have over 5000 emails), date base mail( I have over 15,000 names, addresses and phone numbers who have actually purchased from my store) and most important word of mouth.

Submitted on May 7, 2012

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