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Application: Richmond Cycling Corps – Video!

Our Motivation:
Most non-profit organization live and die by the grant. Prestigious local non-profit, Richmond Cycling Corps, seeks to continue revolutionizing their patterns of funding generation– creating a portfolio of business ventures owned and operated by RCC, to expand RCC’s outreach quality and longevity. In a quest to seek organizational sustainability, autonomy, and operational-alignment, Richmond Cycling Corps has set out to form it’s second business venture: Smooth Bicycles

Richmond Cycling Corps currently owns and operates Richmond Bicycle Studio (launched September, 2011)– Richmond’s first and only full service bicycle boutique– situated within 3,500sq ft of fully renovated historic space in downtown Scott’s Addition.

Smooth Bicycles: Concept:
Local mid-large size businesses and urban residence developers purchase fleets of new recreational bicycles (10- 100+) from Smooth Bicycles. Bicycles are sold to businesses in bulk at 35-40% profit margin per unit. Businesses then enter into an annual service contract with Smooth Bicycles at $10/month per bicycle (10 bicycle minimum)– creating a recurring revenue stream for RCC. Replacement parts and repairs beyond general maintenance (as outlined in service agreement) are charged to the customer. Turnkey packages including helmets, locks, bike racks and other cycling-accessories will be offered to each customer at 40% profit margin. 100% of funds generated from Smooth Bicycles go towards Richmond Cycling Corps inner-city youth outreach efforts.

Why It Will Work:
By and large, bicycling is booming in popularity throughout Richmond. With initiatives like the 2015 Cycling World Championships, the Capital to Capital Trail Foundation, the newly formed Mayor’s Bicycle and Trail Commission, the nation’s most successful youth inner-city cycling program, Richmond Cycling Corps, and the East Coast’s top urban off-road trail network (James River Park System), bicycling is center stage in the ‘River City.’

Corporations are looking to expand their employee health & wellness incentives, as well as promote alternative transportation initiatives. With a cache of bicycle-friendly trails, paths, and roadways proximate to Richmond’s largest downtown businesses, Smooth Bicycles will serve as a turnkey resource for employee/company health, wellness, and alternative transportation needs.

With 100% of funds generated going towards social outreach (Richmond Cycling Corps), companies will want to market their partnership with Smooth Bicycles as philanthropy. In an effort to demonstrate community giveback, Richmond-big business will essentially market on behalf of Smooth Bicycles, and subsequently, Richmond Cycling Corps.

To Date:
Bon Secours Health Systems (50+ bicycles), and City & Guilds Development (10+ bicycles)are reviewing Smooth Bicycles proposal for fleet purchases and service agreement(s).

Check out this video from Richmond Cycling Corps

Submitted on April 4, 2012

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