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Application: Pedestals

I am a graphic designer by trade, and I love to create new things. Because of this affinity for design, I have begun a new, innovative, and fun business venture called Pedestals. This unique product is a fashion insole for your flip-flops, with many designs to choose from to match your outfit or match your mood!

So, what is this product made of? The liners are vinyl and adhere to the foot bed of the flip-flop. They are currently universal to all women’s rubber, thin strap flip-flops. I am looking to expand the brand to include men’s sizes / designs and children’s sizes / designs. Additionally, I am developing a liner made for wider strap flip flops, so that PedestalsSM can be by even more flip flops styles.

In addition to the variety of designs that you can choose from, I have provided the option of not one, but TWO custom order liners that are sure to impress. “Design Your Own” invites the flip-flop lover to upload their own design or artwork for placement on their pair of custom ordered Pedestals. This way, you can be creative, too! The second custom offer is called, “School Pride” and encourages students, alumni and sports fans from all schools to cheer for their team by submitting a school mascot name and color(s) for a very unique pair for Pedestals.

I am introducing my product to the world at the Richmond, Virginia Southern Women’s Show, April 20-22, 2012. Be sure to come out and pick up a pair for yourself, to see what it’s all about! Beforehand, you can also visit my website at to get better acquainted with this new product.

Executive Summary for Pedestals

Submitted on April 4, 2012

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