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Application: Noisewerk

Noisewerk is a large multi room (20 or more) rehearsal facility with accompanying recording services studio, video production, and live performance space. Noisewerk caters to the troubling lack of rehearsal space currently a problem in Richmond while offering self promotional vehicles of recording, video and performance. The facility offers price tiers for term leases, and space for short term uses. The on location recording studio and video production service function independently, as well as, as a affordable option offered at a small discount to leasers and contributes to the generated income. Low overhead and low build out costs. Operation could start generating income with in 3 months of location purchase through rehearsal space rental-lease.
Consumer reach is through the music and arts community, social media, event sponsorship and in house live showcasing. The opportunity is strong to expand and grow into the areas of event hosting, artist development, promotion, broadcast, and marketing.
Noisewerk is at its core a company that provides space. Space for music rehearsal, artist studio, photography, and local event functions, video and film shoots, or any endeavor with a space requirement. A time based business for the creative arts and functions.

Submitted on March 28, 2012

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