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Application: My Design Guide

This is the ultimate Richmond business. Born from my desire to have professional interior design, but not pay traditional prices. I was inspired by the fact that we have a top interior design school right here – and unfortunately, many of the graduates were not getting jobs. So, I can employ them.
We’ve built an Interior Design delivery cloud technology that allows designers anytime, anywhere to rapidly develop custom interior designs for the 100 million middle american client base. This technology is proprietary and deep facilitating every aspect of the design, ordering, creation and delivery process.
Our Stylefinder has been a wildly succesful new concept. We acquire and engage clients through this fun graphical interface. We learn about our clients and collect their style and home preferences and characteristics. We know which of our clients have 2 kids, cats, live in a cottage and have Behr Smoke Gray on their bedroom walls among – the depth of information we have collected is unavailable elsewhere except to largest corporations. And, trials in using this detailed information to create highly targetted marketing has achieved 30% open rate on email.

We are operational and have converted almost 10% of our email contact list but need PR and marketing funding to reach a mass market.

Submitted on May 8, 2012

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