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Application: LOX Shoes

LOX Shoes are designed by teens for teens. It’s a trendy, functional shoe solution that is completely customizable in terms of style, colors, fabrics, themes, and accesories. Using an interlocking system between the sole and the main component of the shoe, this shoe will make a fashion statement in any setting. Consumers of the LOX shoe will have the flexibility of having different looks for multiple outfits and settings in one shoe. This is possible through an interlocking shoe system, where the sole locks into the upper part of the shoe, working similar to a locking zipper or gear system, thus releasing the upper canvas part of the shoe, which then stows away neatly in the sole of the shoe. The brains behind this idea are three high school ninth grade boys who, through this concept, have solved the challenge of flexible footwear for various events when it isn’t practical to carry multiple pairs of shoes. From the court to the classroom to the local afterschool event and hangout, this shoe is one type fits all.

Executive Summary for Lox

Submitted on May 9, 2012

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