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Application: Love RVA is the newest deal website and the only one based here in Richmond, VA. With LivingSocial & Groupon, 50% of all money raised leaves Richmond. Love RVA is local and we’re turning the “daily deal model” on it’s head…

Each week Love RVA offers amazing deals from a local business. We help pair the local business with a local charity so that they can both share in the success of our marketing efforts. The participating business receives a much larger cut of 80% and in turn they share 20% with their local charity they chose.

As our company grows, it’s easy to see the effect we can have raising money and featuring our amazing local non-profits and businesses.

Love RVA is a project of local company Bark Marketing who’s members have served Richmond with video and creative services for over ten years .

Submitted on May 9, 2012

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