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Application: Goatocado

Greetings from Goatocado!

We are a full mobile kitchen based out of Richmond Virginia that specializes in vegetarian/vegan cuisine with a strong commitment to environmental and community sustainability. We strive to not only provide delicious food, but a philosophy that brings a more dynamic atmosphere to each event we attend. In order to be good stewards to our environment and the communities in which we work, we aim to produce little to no waste. Everything that goes out of our serving window is compostable: our utensils, serving containers, beverage cups, sandwich bags, napkins, and more. To build upon this idea, we collect our “waste” by providing a compost bin outside the cart, which ultimately feeds community gardens in the Richmond area. The diesel generator that powers the cart is fueled by biodiesel made from recycled restaurant grease. The trucks that get us to the event also run on high yields of biodiesel that we make along side Richmond’s own bioRide. In addition to these things, we purchase as much in-season produce from local farmers to show our support for small businesses like ourselves.

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Submitted on May 2, 2012

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