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Application: Hartmanda Bakery, LLC – Video!

Hartmanda Bakery is bringing Old World holiday delights to Richmond, starting with the flagship cookie “The Gretel”. The Gretel is a gingerbread-type cookie called ‘lebkuchen’ which is popular in Germany; it is baked on a wafer and covered in a lemon glaze that keeps the cookie moist for weeks. Available in two sizes as well as a gluten-free version, The Gretel will be sold wholesale at first, to local coffee shops and stores with the idea to eventually expand to holiday shows and farmer’s markets. There are only a few bakeries in America who create anything similar, and as anyone who has had them can attest, they’re worth the labor of love it is to make them.

Check out this video from Hartmanda Bakery

Submitted on May 2, 2012

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