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Application: HAQM Consultancy

HAQM Consultancy provides its customers a wide range of Program and Project Management services, resources and training to assist their customers in aligning technology to business value and objectives. Our services include providing a management framework aligned PMBOX best practices or customized to fit with enterprise management framework. We also provide resources of program or project management professionals to meet all of the roles of a PMO or Project Offices. In the case where existing staff needs to be simply augmented, we also bring our resources to meet your resource gaps within whatever the schedule demands. Another valuable service we provide is the auditing of program or projects for their effectiveness in meeting the triple constraints (of time, scope and costs) of project management and the consistency of compliance of projects of the management framework throughout the enterprise.

HAQM Consultancy provides unique capabilities in that our corporate infrastructure is 100% virtual. This allows us to be bound by physical constraints to perform the control and evaluation of the execution of programs or projects. We are continually evaluating our virtual tools and will customize the tools to meet the special needs of the customer.

HAQM Consultancy offers our services to commercial, local, state Federal customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. In the future we will provide our services not only nationally, but to clients internationally. We are currently registered on the Commonwealth of Virginia’s and CCR for state and local buyers, as well we are developing a marketing program to reach out to commercial entities that will include a Web Portal, Facebook, WordPress Blog and other social media tools.

Submitted on May 9, 2012

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