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Application: Green Shoots Controls LLC

The business model is a website tool that offers solid technical energy savings which by their nature are green. We will be able to attract ads/sponsors and collaborators with this model. The site is interactive with the opportunty for visitors to comtribute to the discussions. We are hopeful that the professionals in the HVAC industry will look at this technology as a tool to reduce our nation’s energy dependence through engineered solutions.

At the same time the company has been SWAM-certified which positions us for commerce activity in the area of procurement and construction. The website has much more detail. It is our goal to have a small green footprint with all e-commerce. The business was founded 11-2011. The contact is shown below.
Thank you for your consideration.

Oscar Walker,Editor
Green Shoots Controls
Cell 8046900672

Submitted on April 23, 2012

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