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Application: Hearts-R-Mending LLC – Video!

I’ve had the idea for a greeting card business a little over 20 years. I will not be directly competing with Hallmark or American Greeting, but my niche is relationship mending. Wherever there is a relationship, there is a good possibility that it will need mending. One of my cards can be the “foot in the door” to open up dialogue to get the relationship moving in the right direction. My cards will target teens up through senior citizens, males and females.

I’ve sent out some ‘test’ cards to 9 siblings who have been having some relationship problems and the words in the cards are having a positive effect on them. Hearts-R-Mending can operate basically from wherever I happen to be. The computer will be my primary equipment. From it, I can design the cards and send the information directly to the printer, who can get them ready for me to pick up or delivery via FedEx or UPS to card stores, specialty shops, etc. The customer will also be able to purchase cards online. Please, at your convenience, feel free to go to and search e allen walmart, where I was entered in the Walmart ‘Get On the Shelf’ contest. Unfortunately, I did not win, even though I do have a winning business idea!

Check out this video from Hearts-R-Mending LLC

Submitted on April 23, 2012

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