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Application: Blas Couture and High End Clothing Consignments – Video!

Deprive yourself no more! At Blas Couture and High Fashion Consignment you can allow yourself the simple joys of owning high fashion apparel and accessories without the guilt. Browse at your leisure our many racks of high end and better market designer products. Re-discover that woman of style you know you are but high prices have kept you from embracing it. Our eye for quality and fabulous prices finally give you the freedom to treat yourself. After all you work hard and you deserve it. Making you feel special is our desire and we have designed our store with many unique perks to meet that goal. Ask about our WOW-factors:

Our Alteration Service for your purchased garments makes finding the perfect fit a breeze.

Our Designer Showcase Service will allow new designers the chance to present their fashion-forward, always original, designs for you to purchase.
We have set aside a special section in our store that will showcase a designer each month.
Our fabulous Consignment Program gives you the chance to offer your almost new or never worn designer apparel & accessories for a profit, including wedding gowns. Now you can part with those clothes in your closet with the added comfort of knowing it will go to a home of someone who will adore it as much as you did. Then why not take your earnings and try out a new style; we have many to choose from.
Can’t stand the idea of someone wearing the same outfit as you? Then have one custom made. Our Full Service Couture includes three fittings with Azi Blas of Blas Couture for your original custom made haute couture garment.

Check out this video from Blas Couture and High End Clothing Consignments

Submitted on May 8, 2012

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