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Application: Dozer – Video!

BHVA Ventures is proud to bring our first product, Dozer, to the marketplace late summer 2012.

As new parents, we found the one thing we continuously wanted more of was time. Dozer does just that. Instead of constantly rocking baby in his/her car seat to keep baby asleep, calm, or simply quieter – let Dozer do the work for you. Dozer , a lightweight portable device, rocks baby so you have time to do other things. Wash the dishes. Do the laundry. Do nothing and rest! Every minute counts when you’re a new mom or dad. Let Dozer give you more time!

Dozer will be available online for pre-sales in the coming weeks.  Read more here:

Executive Summary for Dozer

Check out this video from Dozer

Submitted on May 4, 2012

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