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Every time you use your Android™ or iPhone™ device, you are subject to privacy threats. Threats that can put your personal information at risk, and reveal things about your private life to cyber criminals, such as where you are located at any given time, a complete list of your friends and contacts, and even record and monitor conversations you are having without your consent!
Other risks you are exposed to on both the Android™ and iPhone™ device is the monitoring of your text messages, GPS tracking, the viewing of your incoming and outgoing call logs, and even the remote viewing of your private browsing history.
Certain applications on these devices also have access to the camera and microphone, so they can remotely take pictures and make recordings without your permission! These photos, videos, and audio files can then be transmitted and uploaded to servers that you do not know about.
BetterGuard Mobile™ for Android™ and iPhone™ can help protect you, and your personal information from cybercriminals who may be watching your every online move. Our unique patent pending approach to cyber threat assessment ensures that you are fully prepared and protected from the ramifications of downloading and using any mobile application you might have on your device.
BetterGuard Mobile™ will;
•Highlight potential problems with any app down to the device-level.
•Identify applications that are trying to access information that shouldn’t be accessed.
•Keep track of all installed applications and their privacy threat level.
At BetterGuard™, we believe that protecting your identity and personal information is critical for you to get the most out of your mobile device. We have been in business for over ten years, and remain committed to providing users the ultimate in privacy and security tools.

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Submitted on March 29, 2012

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