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Application: AlwaysGiving

RPower Media is a technology company. RPower Media enables individuals to make informed decisions about their privacy. RPower Media enables nonprofits to increase their fundraising activities online at no cost. RPower Media builds technology, builds solutions, and provides platforms for nonprofit organizations. We enable people to protect their identity, protect their privacy, and affect positive change in the world.
We believe that individuals want to make the world a better place. We have blended our belief of privacy protection and identity theft into the most forward thinking and advanced advertising network in the world. We combine our policy of privacy protection and identity theft with the desire for individuals to affect positive change in the world. By disempowering websites and organizations that want nothing more than to steal or use personally identifiable information, we have enabled individuals to make a choice, and build a better world.
In 2005, we developed a suite of security products aimed at protecting the individual from identity theft. This suite of products is known as BetterGuard. It has been for sale exclusively on the AOL Lifestore since 2008.
Companies that build some of the most popular technology products and web sites in the world today are profiting from the sale, rental, or exchange of personally identifiable information. The profiles that these companies build on their users are so complete the only thing that is missing is often a name. With this collection of information and the increasing speed of change in technology requiring constant innovation there became a need to develop a product that combines the expertise of safety and security with the power of technology.
RPower combined the power of our proprietary privacy software in BetterGuard and merged it with our expert knowledge in media and technology. The result was a new platform that protects an individual from technology intrusion with the ability to help people give back. Our goal was and is to help protect the privacy of individuals and help raise money for what matters most to them, AlwaysGiving was born.

AlwaysGiving: AlwaysGiving is our patent pending technology that limits the exposure of individuals’ information to third-party companies. These third-party companies are almost always advertising companies. In an effort to control the targeting of advertising companies we developed the AlwaysGiving Platform.

AlwaysGiving simultaneously protects the privacy of individuals and enables consumers to have a choice on whether they will be tracked by advertising companies. This is done when the AlwaysGiving browser application is installed as an add-on to the browser that a consumer uses today to surf the internet. It runs in the background like any other add-on or plug-in. Every time a website is visited with advertisements that try to track its users or pull information without active consent, the AlwaysGiving plug-in preempts that ad and replaces it. This allows any individual with the AlwaysGiving plug-in installed to browse the internet without the fear that any of their private information is being compromised in anyway. AlwaysGiving is the only fully transparent, completely opt-in advertising network in the world.

A significant portion of the revenue generated by the AlwaysGiving Platform is made to each non-profit partner quarterly.

RPower Media has developed the most ingenious way for people to knowingly participate in making the world better, while disabling any violation of their privacy by advertising companies.

Submitted on March 29, 2012

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