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Application: Charles Silver

My name is Charles Silver and I moved to Richmond, Virginia from South Florida. Richmond has 5 major problems. Unemployment, crime, airport not busy, and lack of night life, and know 4 and 5 star hotels besides The Jefferson…. There is one major solution to this problem.. I have the answer… There needs to be a 32+floor hotel on the river with a casino that has retail, office and residential compnents. The ideal location to build a Hotel & Casino would be near the boat house on the east side of downtown. As we all know 90 miles from here the MGM is building a major casino & hotel that will open in2015/2016 that will be in National Harbor Maryland. If Richmond doesn’t utilize the beautiful James River and bring gambling to the city it would be a real shame…. The James River is beautiful and is not utilized enough. Imagine a modern colonial hotel that is 5 minutes from the airport with boat rentals, poker, tennis, spa, and great entertainment. Weddings, conventions, parties, would be hosted at the hotel. Old Richmond with a colonial modern theme at this world class destination… It’s perfect.. Wynn and all the big boys would be in on this… That’s my opinion…..

Submitted on March 4, 2013

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