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Billboards suspended; Posters now even hotter commodity!

The Greater Richmond Chamber has decided to suspend its digital billboard that asked motorists to get off the interstate and explore Richmond’s amenities. The artwork, which was designed locally by Stephanie O’Dell of J H I as part of a project affiliated with the Chamber’s i.e.* initiative, was intended to enliven the drive through Richmond with a fun, creative message that could potentially convert travelers to tourists.


The i.e.* initiative is a driver of innovation in the Region, which often involves stepping outside the box and looking at things differently. To innovate, one must experiment and take risks. The “Get off in Richmond” billboard was intended to be a fun conversation starter and a continuation of i.e.*’s efforts to brighten up Richmond’s interstate corridors. It was not intended to offend, polarize or in any way distract residents from the work that needs to be done to keep making this Region the best that it can be.


We are proud of how this community has received our i.e.* initiative and want all things i.e.* to be positive. We look forward to further advancing Richmond’s entrepreneurial spirit and continue to support all things innovative in the Richmond Region.


The exclusive “Get off in Richmond” poster, along with the “Seeds of Liberty” and “400 Years Of…” posters, were designed during the RIC/RVA: 400 Years of Innovation series, a collaboration between Floricane, the Valentine Richmond History Center, the Library of Virginia, the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar and the Chamber’s i.e.* initiative. All were designed and written by local artists and can be purchased through the Chamber for $15 each. To order, email Chrystal Neal,, or Lesley Bruno, Be sure to include your desired quantity and indicate whether you would prefer to pick up your poster at the Chamber’s downtown offices ($15) or have your poster mailed to you ($15 +$4.95 shipping).


Special thanks to Next Media Outdoor for donating the billboard space!

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  1. Kathleen Jeffers July 15, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    In my experience as a commercial artist for many years, daring plays on words are some of the most effective ways of influencing people to buy something or do something. I find this one very very clever and amusing. I think it is also visually eye-catching with pleasing colors and and feel its presence on billboards would do nothing but greatly help to influence people to want to stop off in Richmond as a very fun place to explore. I think it is a big mistake for Richmond’s Chamber to succumb to pressure by some very vocal but very uptight people who have no sense of humor. My own email address is another such play on words, and I’ve never gotten anything other than a positive and amused reaction to it from anyone. After all, this is the 21st century!

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