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#BPRVA // By the People RVA

By the People RVA, or #BPRVA, is an online magazine produced by people who live and work here! Through workshops at libraries and community centers, we will help people develop the skill of content creation.  Students tell compelling  stories about their world, which is why we will be using ad dollars to pay students for their content. For each article written, Richmond Public Schools students on our media team will receive a donation to a career fund they can access after completing high school. #BPRVA: revealing the true creative depth of RVA’s communities through hyper-local content supported by ads for hyper-local businesses.

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Night Owl Photography

Considering the growing epidemics of under-, and unemployment,
“over education,” and lack of genuine opportunities to to put skilled people to work, I’ve invested in an entrepreneurial concept that “Creates Work” as opposed to “Creating Workers.”

Traditional Model – Go To School, Get An Education, and Wait In Line With A Resume To Apply Education…

Newer Model – Go To School, Get An Education, and Develop, Incubate Ideas, and Recruit Skilled Artisans To Execute Ideas/Services/Etc. For Profit…

Sounds Simple, But The Simplicity Lies Within
The Direct Tapping Of Resource-Bases,
The Recruitment Of Specific Artisans, Execution Of Projects
(Project Management), Etc.

The Issue Of Tradition – Businesses Have Limited The Scope Of Skilled Labor, The Scope Of Working Inside Industry-Focused Limitations
And Funding Has Almost Always Been One-Dimensionally Driven By Industry Leaders… Why Not Look Into More Dynamic Possibilities?

(I Need More Than 100 Words To Explain This)
But Think Along The Lines Of Venture Capitalists Within The Circle Of An Industry Feeding Its Own, Rather Than Looking Outside The Box For Angel Investors Who Nothing Invested Within Your Particular Venture Scope…

My Company In Particular Is A Hybrid Of Arts & Entertainment, Meets Hospitality (Food & Beverage), Meets The Beauty Industry…

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The Urban Teacup

The Urban Teacup is the first tea room of its kind in Richmond. Setting itself apart from the fancy tea rooms you may be familiar with, The Urban Teacup embodies the fun and eclectic style of Richmond and blends it with social responsibility. Along with providing various selections of quality fair trade teas, The Urban Teacup provides brunch and lunch selections. All produce is organic and purchased from local farmers. The Urban Teacup is also a hub for social awareness, focusing on educating the public about such causes as autism and human trafficking. Richmond dwellers, specifically young girls and women will fall in love with the cheerful shabby chic atmosphere of the tea room and will no doubt want to book a party in one of the The Urban Teacup’s party rooms. The Urban Teacup is happy to host birthday parties, as well as bridal and baby showers. All in all, The Urban Teacup strives to provide an inviting relaxed atmosphere, where one can sip quality, yet socially responsible tea all the while talking with other individuals who, like us, just want to make the world a better place.

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Many high school students volunteer as part of an honors program or in some cases as a requirement for graduation. An apparent disconnect occurs when these students get into college. Many colleges offer opportunities for volunteering and community service through their offices of community engagement but they lack a cohesive and central platform for connecting students with these opportunities, most have to send periodic emails or even post these opportunities on physical bulletin boards. That is where SERVIZ comes in.

SERVIZ  is a platform that allows students to discover, sign up, share and even celebrate their active social impact i.e. their volunteering experience. For the school, it provides a central hub similar to Blackboard, that serves as an online bulletin board while providing resources to track, measure and analyze students’ volunteering. For students, it provides a personal dashboard that allows them to record, monitor and share their social impact with schoolmates in particular and their other social networks in general.

The centerpiece of the system is the ‘S score’, a measure of number of hours served. It employs elements of gamification as seen in apps like Foursquare, the Nike Fuel website and Klout amongst others to promote a sense of healthy competition. The ultimate goal is to develop a deeply rooted culture of volunteering and community service in the school in particular and the community in general.

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ReviewBatch is an online community management tool that allows business owners to manage and respond to their online/social media reviews. Business owners in the service industry (or any industry for that matter) want to spend their time in their business. This tool is designed to aggregate ALL of their online reviews from customers and put them into one manageable location. They can review, categorize and respond to customer reviews, whether they are positive or constructive.

It works like this: Customers review a company online (positive or negative) which shows up on a social media outlet (i.e. Facebook) or a review site (i.e. Yelp). A notification is sent directly to that business owner/manager and they are able to review and respond to that customer’s comments.

We feel that having this tool available is like having a marketing manager working around the clock to both protect and promote your company.

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Pressure ulcers are a serious problem to the wheelchair community and one CEO, Calvin Peterson, knows all too well. Calvin has paraplegia and experiences the complications accompanied by pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are a breakdown of the skin and underlying tissues that result from prolonged pressure on the skin. There are 474,692 new cases of pressure ulcers each year. The cost for treatment of one minor pressure ulcer is approximately $2,800 and in severe cases can cost upwards of $12,000 per month. The CUSH wheelchair cushion uses pressure alleviating technology in an innovative design to distribute weight and relieve pressure.

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Manifest In Youth

The desired mission of Manifest In Youth is to educate young children in financial awareness, healthy living, and career development. The focus will provide before and after school curriculum for under privileged youth in low poverty areas in Richmond and Henrico for ages 3-18. The organization will operate daily by providing transportation to and from school, after school one-on-one tutoring, weekend programs to include field trips to museums, Junior Achieve and other learning facilities.

Manifest In Youth will reach consumers by building relationships with Richmond and Henrico elementary, middle, and high schools. In addition, partner with the Department of Social Services to identify at risk youth and work with child care/development centers.

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Virginia Innovation Spaces: Social Entrepreneurialism in Every County of VA

The purpose of Virginia Innovation Spaces is to reach into the communities of Virginia—where citizens are able and interested in employing themselves—and create jobs in the spirit of Social Entrepreneurialism. There are many communities in Virginia with people who have great ideas or the potential to start their own businesses, but lack the resources, motivation and support needed to turn ideas into tested and implemented realities. We aim to establish an Innovation Space in consult with local government, in each county of VA, wherein every 6 months, a new cohort of participants will be sought out and vetted for training and support for a business idea and given the physical and financial support to test and validate their work.
Read a detailed description here:

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Carri Collection

Carri Collection is a for-profit company with a social mission. We focus on improving lives in communities as our customers enjoy our products. These goals are important to us, and we reach them together with you. Giving back is half of Carri. We want to help start a change by converting your everyday purchases into acts of kindness. We are committed to making products that you will be proud to use and that will be useful to our beneficiaries. Every time Carri sells one backpack, another backpack is given to a non-profit organization right here in the USA. ( Communities in School, Childhelp and YMCA Bright Beginnings)

We recognize that backpacks are essential to the education all U.S. children deserve. But even as backpacks become more of a school necessity each year, too many U.S. children can’t afford backpacks, school supplies, clothing, and even food.

But understanding and awareness creates the drive to change the status quo. Backpacks are just the beginning. We intend to expand the collection to offer unique items made by USA Moms, handicap citizens, autistic students and the like.

Our brick and mortar is our website. Retail sales including college bookstores, large chain and boutiques.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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Imagine a world where nonprofits have access to the same award-winning integrated marketing communications talent corporations have.  Imagine the positive impact on the bottom line. Critical resources, which were otherwise allocated for limited marketing efforts, are now re-allocated to the organization’s core mission – where they are needed the most.

PRObono is a non-profit (to pursue 501c(3) status) integrated marketing communications (IMC) agency exclusively serving non-profit organizations. Funded with tax-deductible grants from government agencies, corporations, and generous donations from individuals passionate about PRObono’s mission, our agency provides award-winning IMC services, free or subsidized, to qualified non-profit organizations and initiatives, on a non-competitive basis. Services, from strategy to materials, will be provided by full-time in-house experts, as well as a network of multi-disciplinary experts from across the country. This unique model, the only one like it in the country, helps non-profits thrive and achieve their organization’s goals and objectives.

Discover more about us at

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America After 911

America after 9/11 is designed to appraise and appreciate the value of people. We have several programs, #in beauty free services. #SAFE seniors against fearful environments. #energy relief fund. #reasonable relief helping with
mortgages. #Key Health code 811 helping people to pay their medical costs.
#GERE global economic rescue endowment that will justify the change in the face value of financial instruments in an effort to meet the “liquidity horizon”,
It will clean the slate for our international economy resolution.

Our services address the pain point for people enduring hardships.
We will reach our audience through marketing measures such as partnering with AARP and other participating partners. It’s how we get it done, we are a registry matching those in need with those were able to provide the services.

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CommunityHEARTBEATS is a nonprofit based in Goochland County which seeks to help nonprofits and small businesses thrive in RURAL or URBAN areas where resources are slim so the community as a whole stays alive.

We hope to help by providing:

~ startup help in the form of business plans, or
~ for nonprofits – incorporation, bylaws & 1023 guidance
~ Board of Director setup and training
~ Volunteer Recruitment
~ Event Management
~ Fundraising
~ Logos, Ad design and Graphic Design
~ Website Design and Maintenance
~ Direct, Social Media & Email Marketing
~ Database and Contacts Database setup
~ Etc.

Our fees are nominal and if a small business or nonprofit is unable to pay, we have a sliding scale system. It they are unable to pay using the sliding scale system, we ask that they “Pay It Forward!”

HEARTBEATS is also an acronym for those areas which we believe make a community strong. If a community does not excel in any of the areas, then CommunityHEARTBEATS will also seek a solution with county officials and stockholders acccordingly:

H – Health & Human Services
E – Education
A – Arts, Entertainment and Tourism
R – Real Estate (especially affordable)
T – Transportation (choices)
B – Business & economic development
E – Environment stewardship
A – Age-related care
T – Technology and utilities for all residents
S – Spiritual, Support, Service and Sports Groups

The nonprofit was incorporated in March 2012 but has not become a 501(c)(3) yet. IRS gives nonprofits 27 months to file the 1023 to apply for that status. We don’t know if we qualify for the question, “Is your business less than one year old?”. We hope that we do because we’ve been helping people pro bono and have not collected the funds as of yet.


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Our New 501 c 3 organization “BUSFARM” grows food, raises farm animals-fish and honey bees inside of school buses. We aim to teach children and adults about food security through innovative methods on a micro scale. Our buses will be stationary and mobile, i.e. visiting schools, businesses/ corporate campuses and neighborhoods. We aim to have a fully functional-sustainable urban BUSFARM location and also set up BUSFARMS at schools, businesses or abandoned lots as learning tools. We also aim to use solar-wind and geo-thermal energy to power our BUSFARMS as well collecting rain water and composting, fully functional and self sustaining!
We do not have a web site yet as this info has not been released and we just received our NPO status 1 month ago. Our biz category could be a combination of social impact, food and education. Thanks for your time hope to be contacted form someone soon. Sincerely, Mark and Suzi Lilly

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DoMorePeriod is an organization geared towards promoting community activism in the Richmond Area. The mission is to collaborate with individuals and community based organizations to identify areas DoMorePERIOD can be of support and service while inspiring others to do the same.

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Hemply was founded on simple principle: people should be able to win money by helping to legalize marijuana. will be a mailing list that people can join to receive pointers about specific actions they can take to expedite cannabis legalization. People are automatically entered to win $2,000 when they subscribe to the mailing list. A variety of marketing techniques will be employed, including the usual suspects–SMO and SEO. Targeted ads will also be purchased, and viral videos are being created. The list will spread virally because people will be incentivized to share it. When sign-ups exceed 50,000 people, we will turn on several possible revenue streams.

Note: .ly is a obviously a valid tld but the form wouldn’t let me enter it in the website address section.

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Want to gather with friends and family around a bonfire and listen to the quiet strumming of guitars under the stars?  Congregate with the community rail-side to celebrate and support historical horse races that benefit local charities? Stroll an open air market perusing the wares of local organic artisans?  Swing on a tire-swing, climb a rope ladder or cross a stream dangling from a zip-line? Learn from local farmers and chefs how to grow, harvest and cook heirloom crops?  Explore a sustainable barnyard, interacting with heritage livestock and collect your own farm fresh eggs? Then join our “Roots Revival”!


aGRAshare is holding a “Roots Revival” and everyone is asked to attend!

Why? aGRAshare seeks to “revive the roots” of Virginia’s rural heritage for all of us to enjoy and experience. aGRAshare will aggregate conservation, innovation, education and preservation to ensure sustainable agricultural, technical, cultural and economic development and attract a cross sector of social enterprises with like values for the betterment of our community and Virginia at large.

How? RSVP to our “Roots Revival” by voting for aGRAshare as your favorite start-up in the ie. Start-up Competition.

When? March 26, 27 and 28 is currently under construction but in the meantime, please join us on Facebook!

**To further illustrate our commitment to cultivating opportunities for our community to experience a more personal connection with agriculture, WE PLEDGE to DONATE 10% of any CASH prizes AWARDED to aGRAshare to fellow NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS in the GREATER RICHMOND AREA!**

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3THOUGHTSMEANALOT is built with the mission to help foster self-confidence within toddlers-teens through the use of self affirmations. The concept drew inspiration from the movie, “The Help”, the scene where the little girl is asked to recite the same affirmation every morning at wake-up. 3THOUGHTSMEANALOT will serve as a site that parents and kids can order customized accessories (bracelets, patches, magnets) that can be worn at school on backpacks, clothing, displayed on lockers, etc. I envision 3THOUGHTSMEANALOT becoming a “Life is Good” for kids. With the ongoing issues of school bullying, kids need to feel an inner value of self worth, self love that through belief can have a tremendous impact throughout life.

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Hiphop culture is often viewed as an unfortunate stigma that tarnishes the lives of our youth. In order to address and annihilate this misconception that impacts our youth daily, there is an urgent need for young people to have consistent access to a safe zone that does not take away their hiphop identities, but uplifts them instead. HIP HOPE works to counteract the anarchy that elements of hiphop culture may present by providing an intensive and interactive after-school mentoring program for youth of Richmond, VA between the ages of 12 and 16. Through using the aesthetics of hiphop culture to shift perspectives and maximize impact, youth have a unique venue to cultivate essential life skills, celebrate the positivity of hiphop culture, and foster artistic freedom. HIP HOPE is a viable solution for youth living in a vulnerable society.

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Pearls of Wisdom

Education is one of the most influential concepts in our society today and while it affords some females a better life, many young women miss its purpose without guidance. Positive role models are missing and life education is lacking. Pearls of Wisdom, or P.O.W., stands in the gap by giving young women grandma’s pearls but in a whole new light. Through mentoring sessions, basic life classes, exposure, seminars and expert talks, P.O.W. shows young women how to take charge of their lives, build hopeful futures, and change the community at large. For us, it’s not enough to just give information. We are here to show them how to live it, becoming the pearls they were created to be.

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Soul Perks

Empower employers to make their employees happy. Retain and attract top talent by offering a personalized perk designed to create meaning and add happiness to the lives of each of employee every month.

At Soul Perk, we believe that life is about happiness, and that shouldn’t stop when you walk into work each day. While many companies treat the happiness they bring to their employees as contained in the paychecks they write every two weeks, the reality is that money relates directly to happiness only up to a point. In a world where attracting and retaining top talent has become priority number one for so many companies, shouldn’t businesses be focusing on giving their employees things to actually make them happier people?

We believe happy employees are good employees, and employees that will stay. We believe that the things that make us happy aren’t tangible things most of the time: they’re things that add meaning to our lives. Supporting our favorite charities, supporting our professional, spiritual, and cultural development, and giving us amazing experiences are the things that make modern Americans happier people.

That is why Soul Perk uses software to allow each of employee of a given company to tell us about themselves, and then we create a profile of things we think would make that person happier. Then, we partner with amazing local and national partners to bring each employee a customized set of perk options to choose from, each designed to add value and create meaning in their lives.

Life is about more than just a paycheck: find your Soul Perk.

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