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SEElogix, LLC

SEElogix helps people “maintain their home in the cloud!”

Each homeowner subscribing to SEElogix has a unique and secure website where they can develop a profile of their home, get maintenance reminders, purchase maintenance products, build a service team, store electronic documents, and measure their environmental stewardship.

Everything they need to make home ownership a little simpler and help protect their most valuable asset, their home.

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CloudQuest LLC

CloudQuest is uniquely positioned in providing restaurants’ owners and staff with a stress-free and secure cloud-based web solution that is tailored to the management of restaurants. It applies industry best practices and first class technologies to strengthen business expansion, growth, and the relationship between business partners. Its comprehensive solution DinerNet supports sales, cash and inventory management with configurable and integrated sets of functions to administrate locations on-line, to reduce fraud and to automate business with stakeholders. Optimize the management of your small business with CloudQuest solutions and services.

Executive Summary for CloudQuest

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Non-profit organization that is website information and meeting driven to support anyone engaged in the process of losing weight and being healthy. This is done with stressing the importance of reducing sugar in the diet. Promoting more activity and providing support to those that need that daily reminder to keep on track. Personal story from 260lbs to current 185lbs. Need a meeting place and some funds to make this a success. Thanks

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The Jeremiah Entertainment Group, Inc. – Video!

The Jeremiah Entertainment Group, Inc. is a full service entertainment and amusement company in Virginia and span across the cities/counties of Henrico, Richmond, Hampton, Norfolk & Virginia Beach. Our services cater to public and private parties, events for schools, church groups, corporations, businesses and more. We have put on some of the most outrageous events with everything from our interactive games and inflatable rentals to fund raisers and public events.

Our highly qualified staff takes care of the work while you and your guest have all the fun. Everybody provides services. And everybody has had the years of experience to back their work. We, The Jeremiah Entertainment Group, however are unique.

Jeremiah Entertainment Group’s sole purpose is to create fun, amusing and entertaining events that ensure everlasting and inspiring impressions on the hearts, minds and souls of our clients.

We are non traditional in the way we do things. We see our clients as families who are looking for different venues to entertain, not just themselves but the entire family.

Our focus is to consistently and affordably provide the residents of small and mid-sized American cities with modern, “state of the art” entertainment experiences in a wholesome, family focused environment indoors & outdoors. Our professional staff is committed to providing each customer with a first class, high quality entertainment experience.

Check out this video from The Jeremiah Entertainment Goup

Executive Summary for The Jeremiah Entertainment Group

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Vet Home Care LLC

This is a mobile, house-call veterinary service for multiple species, specializing in hospice and end-of-life care. Presently I am working from my personal vehicle, offering a limited emergency service, all vaccines, medical testing, and field surgeries. Petco Corp. has contracted for in-house care at all 6 local stores. This has proved popular with the managers and their recommendations have added numerous clients.

Non-drivers, those whose pets are poor travelers and homes where both parents work prefer this service for convenience and low stress. Pet breeders appreciate not exposing new-borns to waiting room risks. Local veterinarians and specialists are recommending the service for follow-up home care as well as hospice and end-of-life. I have contracted with a local pet crematory for coordinated home pick up when euthanizing. To further serve owner’s needs I presently offer services in Spanish and am working with local churches to offer low cost services in underserved neighborhoods. I am available for any school having a career day.

The addition of a Licensed Veterinary Technition to offer care when applicable and an equipped mobile van would provide cost effective care to a wider clientel. Appointments are from 8AM-8PM 5 days a week and 9AM-2PM Sat. I answer my phone ANY time ANY day to help in an hour of need.

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New World Sports

My name is Sue Murphy, former D1 college coach at TOP TEN women’s lacrosse program University of Richmond and USA coach. I have spent so many years recruiting with scholarship to bring young women into higher education to play at the highest of levels in this great sport. But now…I work with young girls grades 1-12 and HELP THEM to find passion and love for this great sport of lacrosse – and we even placed 10 (yes 10) girls into college!!

New World Sports touches even more than just girls lacrosse travel teams, youth programs including clinics and camps. We organize and run the same for boys lacrosse and field hockey. We also educate and successfully operate a recruiting service. Our event business brings hundreds and thousands of outside groups to Richmond as we run Southern Lacrosse Cup (tournament for girls), Firecracker Shootout (tournament for boys) as well as smaller events in the Fall & Spring.

Our business plan is special in that we utilize an advisory group of high level coaches with USA and college coaching backgrounds to work with the youth of Richmond, consultants and advisors that have a vested interest in their own children to dictate the direction of this new company.

Our consumers are young student-athletes grades 1-12 of which, even in a tough economy, their parents want a positive experience through sport. We offer the ‘extras’ most groups that service this age do not – college recruiting education, video highlights, free skill videos, networking the local coaches with college coaches and on-site free lessons from top notch coaches!

This company is about Richmond families. Trust and loyalty…doing the right thing for each and every young participant we touch. I personally travel to youth, middle schools and high schools in the area and provide onsite free instruction, lesson plans for coaches and recruiting seminars for players & families. We drive traffic to our site by providing FREE high end videos that will allow coaches and players to benefit from our skill sessions. It give them a taste of our caliber and then they want more…clinics, camps, service and travel teams. We have seen our numbers grow so much in less than one year…but more importantly we have seen our local families BELIEVE in our service.

Having had one year working under SportsQuest in multiple roles including President of Events (April, 2010-June, 2011) I certainly learned a lot about business, good and bad. My partners that I had once crafted there followed me and now are on board with NWS – Marriott, Downtown Athletics, Under Armour, Chic Fil A, Richmond Visitors Bureau, JBS Sport Event Planning, CJW Sports Medicine, CaptainU and local Monarch Productions.

Our outreach is not just our website but through the help of our partners’ promotions, national and local publications and our narrowed distribution lists. We fortunately have repeat customers and many that are happy to help us with the best form of marketing – word of mouth because they are so happy with the service.

I am very PROUD of what we have accomplished in less than one year to impact so many young people and families here in Richmond (and Cville, Fburg and Wburg).

Thank you for your consideration…Sue Murphy

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Zing(er) Fit

My concept has a few facets surrounding a common market of women. One aspect is personal and/or small group training for women. A second aspect is for high school girls and involves conditioning and speed training. Finally, private and/or group field hockey and lacrosse lessons are available for girls.



Executive Summary for Zing(er) Fit

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Noisewerk is a large multi room (20 or more) rehearsal facility with accompanying recording services studio, video production, and live performance space. Noisewerk caters to the troubling lack of rehearsal space currently a problem in Richmond while offering self promotional vehicles of recording, video and performance. The facility offers price tiers for term leases, and space for short term uses. The on location recording studio and video production service function independently, as well as, as a affordable option offered at a small discount to leasers and contributes to the generated income. Low overhead and low build out costs. Operation could start generating income with in 3 months of location purchase through rehearsal space rental-lease.
Consumer reach is through the music and arts community, social media, event sponsorship and in house live showcasing. The opportunity is strong to expand and grow into the areas of event hosting, artist development, promotion, broadcast, and marketing.
Noisewerk is at its core a company that provides space. Space for music rehearsal, artist studio, photography, and local event functions, video and film shoots, or any endeavor with a space requirement. A time based business for the creative arts and functions.

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