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Audry’s Professional Services, LLC

Audry’s Professional Services, LLC (APS) is a new business venture founded by Audrey Terry. The goal is to assist individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, welfare recipients and at-risk teenagers by introducing them to the workforce in order to build their self-esteem and confidence. APS will provide services for its clients which include shopping, cleaning and organizing. Clients can say “goodbye to stress and hello” to a clean and organized home. The initial marketing strategy to potential customers will include social media, mass mailings, business cards and word of mouth. APS should be a successful business venture.

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Your Chow Hound

It’s 3:00 PM; do you know what’s for dinner?

Tired of the same old fast food restaurant fare when you’re on the go? Get on you tablet, PC or Smartphone and let Your Chow Hound track down better food for you from your local grocer’s fresh prepared foods. Order it, pay for it and tell us when you want it – It will be ready when you arrive at the store. You just pick it up, get on your way, and enjoy.

Better food when you want it without the hassle. Your Chow Hound will have you enjoying a great meal in no time.

Executive Summary for Your Chow Hound

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Pike’s Bikes

There are numerous cyclists in the Richmond metropolitan area but not nearly enough bike shops that offer the high quality, affordable maintenance and repair that Pike’s Bikes can. We will service all types of bikes from road to BMX and everything in between. There will be a large selection of parts and accessories for every budget. We can cater to the needs of anyone from the casual rider to the hard core racer. When something new happens in the cycling industry word travels very fast.  As such I feel as though we will have no trouble reaching our target consumer.

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Multimedia Transformations

Multimedia Transformations works with families to preserve their treasured memories. We transform and enhance the moments captured from recent and distant memory on a variety of audio visual format and make them a keepsake to be passed down for generations. Going beyond converting and preserving, we also offer editing – taking those endless hours of raw footage and creating a story that is ready to be shared with family and friends. At Multimedia Transformations, we know there is no way to replace a moment in time. There is only one first step, only one winning shot, only one look that transcends generations. That is why we treat our customer’s memories as if they were our own. We are committed to offering top notch personal service to make sure the memory albums you bring forth with you continue to be available and appreciated by those you love. For while each day we may find ourselves beginning a new chapter, we must never forget to enjoy being able to reread the book.

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TDM Enterprises, LLC – Video!

TDM Enterprises is a personal finance and credit restoration consulting business.
We provide credit counseling and work with individuals to restore their credit so they don’t have to pay the high interest rates because of low credit scores. There is an increasing inability to rent an apartment, obtain home ownership,auto insurance or open a checking account. because of poor credit.

Our goal is to ‘get you the credit you deserve’.

We help clients develop good money management skills and provide personal financial education and training through seminars and workshops. We give you the personal attention you need with excellent client satisfaction.

Executive Summary for TDM Enterprises, LLC

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Business Money Source, LLC – Video!

Problem: Every business requires infusions of capital during various stages over the life of the business. Sources of capital have become increasingly difficult to find during the present sluggish economy.

Business Money Source, LLC is an online financial intermediary that connects small and mid-size businesses to efficient funding sources for business financing, commercial loans, equipment financing, hard money loans, international business loans, short term loans, working capital and other business services, via the Business Money website.

Business Money Source solves the “capital crunch” by offering businesses financing options outside of conventional & local funding sources.

Executive Summary for Business Money Source

Check out this video from Business Money Source LLC

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Slide Swagger

We’ve all been there: slide-show-driven presentations that put you to sleep and slides that drown the audience with information overload. This is “just the way it is.” But it doesn’t have to be.

Slide Swagger creates compelling presentations out of complex ideas. We help clients who don’t have the time to spend countless hours perfecting their slides or crafting a simple, compelling message for an audience of customers, partners and investors.

Slide Swagger works on a sub-contract basis with consulting firms who need access to a flexible pool of designers, copywriters and marketers. Slide Swagger has mastered the crowdsourcing model through the founder’s previous venture, Whinot.

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HRichNetworks, LLC

HRichNetworks, LLC is your “ONE-STOP” shop for all of your technology needs.

With a growing dependency on technology in a fast paced world, it often seems difficult to find one on site solution service provider to fulfill these demanding needs.

Our goal is to minimize these great headaches and end your search here, with HRichNetworks .

Our company, values its customers and with this dedication to our customers, our attention is directed to you with a helpful ear and a smile.

HRichNetworks will provide you with the most powerful IT support, solutions and strategies that keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

Executive Summary for HRichNetworks LLC

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Hired Learning – Video!

Hired Learning is a Career Counseling Service designed to simplify the career searching process for both the unemployed and the unhappily employed. Here you will receive assistance with but not limited to resume critiques, application submission, and interview preparation. Hired Learning’s mission is to help find your dream career through self-assessments and one on one coaching sessions. Hired Learning partners with companies and hiring managers to help bring the right candidates to the right career. Services are marketed through website, social media, and word of mouth. Hired Learning has successfully helped persons to gain employment and looks forward to more!

Executive Summary for Hired Learning

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Continue Reading – Video! exists to make the Richmond region as connected, personal, and successful as possible. will offer honest and ethical online advertising solutions for local events and businesses. We are a place for locals and new-to-towners to come to find the best events that Richmond has to offer. Our online solutions include: free site registration where the user has full control of their event and/or business details, free and unlimited basic event postings, e-blast and social media support, and 20+ calendar categories that make finding events easy.

Check out this video from

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Work It, Richmond

Work It, Richmond is a small-business newsletter designed to deliver news, solutions and inspiration to the small business community. We started publishing in July 2011. Business media has traditionally been a mass market field, writing about everyone from Capital One to a brand new startup. We’re focused exclusively on small companies, young and old, with a focus on delivering news and solutions in a simple, easy-to-digest format.

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At Your Service: Your Intimate Event Specialist

Have you ever felt overwhelmed from planning your first date? Have you ever had an upcoming anniversary dinner without enough time to plan?
Between work and daily tasks, young professional men need help to keep the romance alive.
At Your Service is a Richmond based date planning service. Clients contact AYS to arrange their free consultation, select their preferred services, and AYS brings their vision to life.
Imagine taking your loved one on a date where wine, dinner, and dessert are preordered and prepaid upon arrival.
At Your Service “We ease the date while you seize the date”

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Scalability Project, LLC – Video!

Scalability Project is a digital inbound marketing agency. We work with businesses that want to grow, but either don’t have the bandwidth or internal expertise to take advantage of new digital marketing and social media techniques to drive that growth.

We help brands build scale into their business by
– Developing a strategy to reach their buyer.
– Driving more traffic to their website and generating more leads from that traffic
– Then nurturing those leads to convert more into sales ready conversations
– We wrap it up with marketing analytics to track results and ROI

Our business model is build on an inbound marketing approach that we use to help our client get found and engage with more of their potential buyers.

It’s also a key element of our own marketing strategy that is driven by search marketing, SEO, and social media to get found. Then leverages website optimization, landing pages, content marketing, email, and offer testing to generate leads and nurture those leads through their research and evaluation stages. Finally develop marketing analytics to provide an in-depth look at what’s working, and what not across all of the marketing activities.

Check out this video from Scalability Project

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More Than Cheer – Video!

More Than Cheer is a recreational sports company that focuses on personal and leadership development through athletics. The company has a particular focus on cheerleading due to the sports performance and leadership focus. The company, unlike most other cheerleading companies, focuses is on developing the basic skills needed to advance in the sport of cheerleading (or any other sport). More and more of our children are becoming obese and suffering from low self confidence and self esteem. More Than Cheer helps to assist in the elimination of both problems. The company partners with schools, recreational leagues, and other children serving businesses and organizations to help market its offerings.

Executive Summary for More Than Cheer

Check out this video from More Than Cheer

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First National Alternative Bank

First National Alternative Bank will be a national chain of boutique banks for customers dissatisfied with mass-market banks. First National will be a conscious, community-oriented bank serving young people, progressives, feminists, labor, people of color and the GLBT community with an emphasis on people and not profits. First National will be a pioneer in lifestyle banking, marketing and communicating with its customers through social media.

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RPM (rims performance mobileelectronics or richmond performance modifications

CONCEPT-My concept is the “World’s Greatest Super Autosalon” as I am a mini version of it now, my business is unlike any other business and it is unique because is no other business like mine.

HOW IT LOOKS- Like an ultimate candy store for your car

HOW IT OPERATES- On the grind like were going to win this contest

IT’S IMPACT- Keeping your vehicle reliable, safe, beautifying and restoring vehicles

HOW IS YOUR BUSINESS INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE- It is innovative because I am capable of many services related to vehicles. It is unique because there is no other business like mine, I am the next Best Buy but with a serious twist.

WHO IS YOUR CONSUMER- My consumer is “YOU” if you own a car then you are my customer, I cover everything from aftermarket to stock, my clients are 15 1/2 getting there first car to the 80 year old grandfather.

WHAT IS YOUR PAIN POINT ADD WHAT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE ADDRESS- My pain point is basic daily driving maintenance to repair to high tech toy to showcar restoration, basically your every vehicle needs.

HOW WILL YOU REACH YOUR CONSUMER- I will reach my consumers with “SIZE”, internet forums, email blasts( I have over 5000 emails), date base mail( I have over 15,000 names, addresses and phone numbers who have actually purchased from my store) and most important word of mouth.

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Pike IP Law, PLLC

People enjoy cooking and trying recipes but don’t enjoy preparation and shopping. This business makes cooking at home as easy as on a cooking show. “Sous for You” prepares and packages all the ingredients in proper quantities for a recipe, no measuring/mess.

Sales would start in grocery take-out sections and expand to delivery. Keys are to tie recipes with TV, internet videos, and restaurants. The meals may have been featured on TV and partnering with local restaurants would provide them advertising and “Sous for You” gets great recipes. “Sous for You” bridges the gap between take out and laborious homecooking.

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Flipped scripts

Flipped Scripts is based on a simple idea. No one but the musicians and their fans should be able to decide how and when music lovers are able to see and hear an artist’s work. For almost a century, music, musicians and fans have taken a back seat to marketing and promotions. Because a small community of music industry “professionals” have been able to decide what gets promoted and what gets released, music lovers have been left to accept what they’re offered. There have always been great artists that have gone unsigned or without sufficient promotion by major labels because they were either too creative to fit into an easily digested marketing plan or they had the integrity to say no when the music industry demanded they compromise their creative vision in order to become “marketable.”

Flipped Scripts is based on the idea that the future is inevitable. The old way of doing things is over. No one needs to tell you what you should and shouldn’t like. No one needs to tell artists what kind of music they should create, how they should look or that they should be trying to convince you how great their music is. Great music stands on it’s own. We especially believe no one should be exploiting musicians to enrich themselves in order strengthen their control of that process. We believe artists and their fans deserve more than that, and we want to give them the platform to have the freedom they’ve always deserved.

In keeping with those ideas, Flipped Scripts is dedicated to making the work of local unsigned artists available to a wider audience. There are great musicians around the country and the world who aren’t given the chance to succeed, in part because of the way the marketing and promotions process has worked for so long, and now in part because the music industry is suffering to a degree that makes it unable to find great artists, so instead, it’s creating products. We’re not interested in creating a product. We’re interested in giving talented musicians a platform to succeed without having to become a product and giving music lovers their first chance to be able to decide for and amongst themselves, exactly what it is that should be rising to the top, what should be recognized as the kind of great music that helps shape and enrich their lives and experiences, and to be able to interface with the musicians and bands they love simply and directly.

This idea reaches far beyond music as well. The kind of control that has been established by media conglomerates across the country has resulted in their lobbyists attempting to pass legislation like SOPA and PIPA, which threatened freedom of information across the internet, and therefore, the world. These measures would have effected everyone, not just musicians and music lovers, and their sole intent was to enable these conglomerates to keep control of the music, film, art, photography, and information the rest of us are exposed to. By having control of these things, they have been able to create a sense of false scarcity, and that is not only their actual product, but it is also the source of the kind of wealth that allows them to threaten our freedom to see, hear, buy or sell what we want. They are fighting the future, and Flipped Scripts wants to contribute to their defeat. It’s time the control was put back in the hands of the people who create these things and the people who love them.

We are beginning this process in Richmond Virginia, in part because the founders of Flipped Scripts live there, but also because Richmond has a rich and often overlooked artistic history. As the Richmond site and community is established, we will be taking this same idea to cities across the country in order to be able to establish a larger community in which people living in Richmond will be able to hear the music of local bands in Toledo Ohio, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Richmond California, Newburgh New York and every other city in the country.

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Elevate Video Productions

After spending years working for others, writing, directing, building sets, painting green screens, producing…you get the idea, doing all the glorious things that make up video production, Davis Cook and the elevate team decided to establish their own studio in Richmond, VA.

We now offer a full range of video production and website development services to display a companies or an individuals media message on the internet, on a DVD and thru many other formats. We are equipped and eager to compile and convey your message to the world, harnessing the wonderful world of technology!

We want to see a community of healthy businesses grow even more by promoting them with high quality media that showcases their abilities and portrays their message in a most excellent way.

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Jade-N-elson Image & Print

I heard complaints about people looking bad in their photos. I decided to tackle this challenge. Almost everyone wants to be considered attractive and it’s all about energy. We believe anyone can be more photogenic tomorrow than they are today. We make people more photogenic by having the subject relaxed and in the moment. This process starts at home; we supply products that will help. We have listings on 33 different advertising websites. Our consumer wants to feel good when they look at the pictures they have taken over their lifespan. We make a connection between Photography, Energy and Health.

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