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Collabor804 is an affordable rental studio that will provide local artists with an open environment to create, choreograph, communicate and collaborate! Richmond is full of artists from the visual to the performing and it’s not always easy to find a space to practice or meet up with others to work on individual or group projects. Collabor804 gives aspiring instructors, from dance to yoga to martial arts, a studio where they could practice or give private lessons in a mirrored room with a stereo system. It would also offer quiet, well lit areas with light supplies for graphic designers, painters, or other visual artists and Wifi is included in the rental price. In exchange for a small membership fee, artists in Richmond could come utilize the space and would just need to reserve their spot an hour before their desired time.  There will also be rates for drop-ins. Since the goal of Collabor804 is to create fusion amongst RVA artists, once a month the studio will host open houses where members can showcase and share their creations while also providing support & feedback for others. Find out more:

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PotLuck is the third party marketing arm of locally crafted libations. By leveraging existing partnerships within Virginia’s craft beer industry, nonprofits, and community leaders we will continue to enhance the relationship between the local community and the Commonwealth’s award-winning, bourgeoning libations industry. Having been financially outmuscled by “Big Beer” and holding onto only 5% of the beer market there is a significant need for these local refreshments to have additional representation in a crowded market. Local brewers will utilize our services to assist in increasing consumer awareness through three areas of focus: brewery tours, brokerage services, event planning/fundraisers. Establishing ourselves as the craft beer brokers of Virginia we will focus on growing brands without adding the cost additional salaries, benefits, and training associated with bringing on a full time sales professional. Additionally, PotLuck has been dedicated to the growth of locally made products by involving ourselves with  Virginia’s most comprehensive brewery tours established late 2012. Moving forward we will use handcrafted tours, promotions and special events to act as ambassadors for our craft brewing partners, non-profits, and civic organizations. As brokers for local business’ we will strive to educate consumers on the mantra; locally made, locally enjoyed, Handcrafted Right Here at Home.

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RAM SNACKS will be a late night food, drink and convenience item delivery business that caters towards university students. Students who are too busy to go to the store can simply order online or via smart phone app. After placing an order it will be on its way to them within minutes.

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Mix and Match: Beverage Planning and Consulting

Mix and Match helps you provide a new, memorable experience for your guests. Create a unique mixology program for your wedding or function, from “his and hers” cocktails, themed beverages – “adult” sno-cones or “tipsy” floats – to on-site consulting and collaborating with your caterer/designer, let us plan your refreshments. Featuring custom mixology and non-alcoholic choices, intricate to simple, our award-winning consultant will organize all beverage logistics, ensuring an entertaining experience. We provide staff, barware, and favors for exclusive keepsakes; we make it easy by organizing permits/zoning. Preview us at the Bridal Expo, as well as pop-up events around Richmond. Cheers!

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While not everyone remembers their first night of college, many can recall how they spent that morning. Most of these mornings involve numerous trips to department stores for dorm furnishings and storage. Rent-a-Dorm provides an all-encompassing, affordable, and customizable package of everything needed to make a dorm or apartment livable for the school year. Local market research of students shows that there is considerable interest renting most dorm-related items. Working with the University of Richmond’s international education center, we are initially targeting exchange students coming from abroad who are in dire need of things to make their room a home.

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People love to use deal-of-the-day sites (e.g. Groupon, LivingSocial, Gilt) but often they are not getting the deals they really want. How great would it be if they could? Choose.It will offer its members the ability to pitch deals they want and receive personalized value from their deal-of-the-day website. Choose.It is the for discounts. Instead of a top-down model, Choose.It facilitates the democratization of the deal-of-day market by allowing its members to generate deals that matter to them and build a collective community or group experience at the same time. With the ability to pull demand, Choose.It will be able to minimize the marketing and sales costs associated with acquiring deals and customers. Now, the masses can crowd-bargain the deals they want and we’ll make it happen.

Please view our pitch video at:

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Connect Cup

The connection between a business and its customer base is invaluable. Connect Cup allows businesses in the Richmond area to reach new customers through creative advertising. How, you ask? A paper coffee cup remains in the hands of a consumer for at least 37 minutes and has an 84% chance to be near a device connected to the internet. What does this mean? Local businesses can place their brand message into the hands of consumers throughout the Richmond area via Connect Cup double-walled paper coffee cups. Our cups can display printed advertisements, promotions, and campaigns and are distributed at no cost to local coffee shops and vendors. Now is the time to innovate how local businesses advertise in Richmond!

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Erica’s Traveling Tea Party

Have you ever had to plan a child’s birthday party, baby shower, or bridal shower to find it a frustrating process with less than ideal results? Erica’s Traveling Tea Party solves this dilemma by creating unique parties and bringing them right to your home. With several themes to fit your occasion, we will work with you to throw a beautiful bash. From invitation to clean-up, we cover it all! With prepared table settings, edibles, décor, and activities to entertain your guests, we guarantee a memorable event. From princess tea parties to a daddy daughter tea, we strive to create convenient celebrations for you!

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Your Right Hand

Do you have an aging loved one hoping to continue living at home?  If so, you’re not alone.  According to AARP, the overwhelming majority of seniors want to age gracefully in their own homes.  But many of us have dear family members whose health is making it difficult for them to maintain their independence. Your Right Hand’s purpose is to help seniors continue to live fulfilling and active lives in the homes they love doing the things they love. Simply put, short of medical care, we do anything and everything that makes a person’s life happier, more productive and a little easier. 

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“I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living”. ~John D.

The purpose of is to creatively bring visual stimulation and effective awareness to alluring fashion brands in thrift stores that the general public doesn’t know about but in particularly k- college students. People, students and parents need options; everyone just can’t afford to keep up with the “Jones”. They want style at an affordable price. Thrift stores have the latest fashion brands & accessories but no one knows. By us being trendy and stylish we will make known the many faceted styles that thrift stores have to offer.

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Chic Stripes Styling

Chic Stripes Styling’s MO is shopping 2nd hand 1st. Need a new blazer? Head to your local thrift store. Craving a pair of red-soled shoes? Check out the high-end consignment boutique. Want to re-do your wardrobe as your life responsibilities shift? Sign up with Chic Stripes Styling – the only Richmond-based personal style consultant who will help craft a streamlined wardrobe filled with investment pieces by shopping second hand. With a built in audience from style blog collaborations with GRID, RVA Fashion Week, and, CCS is ready to help Richmond live life by dressing up while shopping 2nd hand 1st.

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Before the Banners

Construction barriers rarely provide clues as to what is going on behind them. Many times, the product of the noise, mess, and disturbance remains a mystery until the grand opening banners are hung.
Before the Banners solves that problem by collecting information about a project’s progress from those closest to it. Users can track what stores, restaurants, and service providers are moving into their area like never before. Business owners get a unique way to promote their project.

From the time the deal is struck to the time the “open” sign is turned on, Before the Banners is your source for all things “coming soon!”

Check out our promo vid:

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Win Win Marketing

Last year Geoff Weathersby’s startup company, InLieu, won the I.E competition. With all his success Geoff still needed marketing help, and agencies were charging up to $40,000! Save your money and get in touch with a consultant at WinWin Marketing. WinWin Marketing is the value based marketing consultants firm. We’ll sit down with you and develop a unique strategy to ensure your startup is a success! Your first consultation is free! So what are you waiting for? Start winning by contacting WinWin Marketing at

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Boho Cycle Studio

Boho Cycle Studio is Richmond’s only fitness studio specializing in and dedicated to indoor cycling. We have taken elements and ideas from yoga, mixed them with what it feels like to dance all night at a nightclub, and put it on a bike!

Unlike big gyms that offer indoor cycling, we dedicate all of our energy to making every class an exceptional ride. We have created a format that is a full body conditioning experience, geared to riders at every fitness level. There are no contracts or commitments required as we operate on a pay per class model.

We are dedicated to giving back to our community by promoting a healthy lifestyle. We provide discounted rides to students, fundraising rides for local charities, and healthy resources to riders and neighbors. Riding at Boho is not just a work out. It is an experience. A party on a bike!

Clip in. Let go. Enjoy the ride.

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3Dreams Photography

3Dreams Photography is a full-service mobile photography business. 3Dreams clients have a photo studio available anywhere by taking advantage of our indoor or outdoor studios at their business, reunions, or weddings RAIN OR SHINE! Our outdoor studios are under closed-in canopies with two studios and lounge area with seats, props, and mirrors. Our indoor studio takes the headaches of “No time!” and “What to wear?” by bringing the studio to your home or office, letting your closet become the dressing room. 3Dreams also gives back with our “3D Plan”, giving organizations rebates when booking a session or recommending our packages.

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Limitless Thinking

Limitless Thinking is a speaking business seeking to target entrepreneurs ages 17-25 and those interested in developing leadership skills. A working day consists of developing the presentations and marketing strategy of the company. The business will reach its consumers through social media marketing, as well as referrals from speaking engagements. Limitless Thinking reaches the pain-point of inspiring others to have an economic impact in their city by starting up their business, and becoming an effective leader in their professional and social arenas. It is unique in its aim to create younger leaders and entrepreneurs to compete in today’s society.

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For business owners who love customers, but hate Yelp, Speakeasy is a mobile application that provides real-time customer feedback and benchmark analytics. Speakeasy resolves problems privately, but pushes glowing reviews to social media. Typically, businesses get feedback from the extremes: their biggest fans or customers with an ax to grind. The majority of customers keep their opinions to themselves and simply vote with their wallets. Speakeasy helps businesses reach out and get this critical feedback with a  simple survey, powerful analytics, and great design.

Invite your customers to leave feedback at Quickly learn what your customers want more of — and what they want you to get rid of — but are too polite to say

For the last two months we’ve proven this concept works and that business find the platform valuable. We’ve collected data at four RVA businesses and received  feedback from over 100 customers. Our target customers are the bricks and mortar Main Street businesses that give each city its unique character, but don’t have the resources that national franchises devote to customer research.

Come to and check out screenshots of the product we are building, or watch a fun, short video highlighting Speakeasy in action.

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Rockstarter seeks to find talented, entrepreneurial-minded college students, and place them in jobs at the region’s top start-ups.

When asked what the most important element of success is, most entrepreneurs will respond “a great team”. Yet when it’s time to expand, entrepreneurs often find hiring the right people challenging. After all, what early stage start-up has a dedicated HR department?

We seek to leverage hiring techniques used by leading consulting and technology firms to select only the top talent. Through Rockstarter, companies can expand their hiring pools and rest assured that all of our candidates will be top-notch performers.

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The Happy Frugal Home

Happy Frugal Home is on a mission to provide services that teach individuals to enjoy a life full of happiness while staying on a budget and in the moment. We provide revolutionary meal planning tools that focus on budget and health, subscription-based kid’s boxes filled with learning projects and crafts. Supported by a running blog on topics relating to health, happiness, kids, DIY and frugal living, we also plan to open a center in Richmond with open art space, classes that teach self-skills, services for working parents and a community garden.

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Wise Transitions Consulting

Last year my family moved my grandma into assisted living. It ended up being a much more time-consuming and stressful process than we expected. Wise Transitions Consulting fills the gap that many are struggling with daily. Constantly, local individuals and their families have to move loved ones to assisted living facilities with little knowledge of the process. With so many options available, it is challenging to determine in a timely and efficient manner which new home best suits their needs. Wise Transitions is here to make this easier for everyone. We offer a one-on-one in-depth evaluation of what you are looking for and where you will fit best. Wise Transitions offers assistance not only with the selection process, but also with paperwork, moving, and visitation, allowing you to cherish your precious moments together as a family. Because it isn’t just a move; it’s a transition.

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