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Pack Wisdom Collective LLC

We have found that through our work as an apparel brand that there are many artists that do not have the means to gain recognition or have access to the services to get them started. We are a collaborative company that focuses on keeping as many aspects of production “in-house” as possible which includes design, screen printing products, and packaging to offer a complete product for our customer. We will both support and promote them by featuring information about the artist on our social media networks and venues, producing their designs, and/or selling their artwork on our website.

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RVA Limited

RVA Limited is a design company that works toward expanding the Richmond brand within and beyond city limits through creating ORIGINAL logos and designs. (Not recreating the current RVA logo which other companies are doing)

RVA Limited initially sprung from the idea of creating a collectors pin series, similar to Hard Rock Cafe’s, to highlight Richmond’s festivals, architecture, heroes, and destination spots. We already have a Love RVA Lapel Pin and another in the works just check out our site at

RVA Limited looks to exploit the best of what Richmond has to offer and put it in the hands of both tourists and locals.

The end goal of RVA Limited is to morph into a nonprofit organization, with a profiting retail side, that works to buy and convert “dead spaces” in Richmond. We want to recreate and develop unusable spaces when and where the city is unable to so that all Richmonders can enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more environmentally safe city.

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Handsocks, LLC

As a new mom, a ski trip with my infant led me to design a kid mitten that would not fall off. I created Handsocks, mittens kids enjoy. They are like socks for hands, which slip on easily stretching to the shoulder. They can be worn under or over tops/jackets. They provide compact functionality and fun. A whole collection is coming including customization, toy variation accessories, and waterproof mitts. We are working with VCU’s fashion school on artwork and prototyping. We plan to launch at the ABC Baby Show in Vegas this September and via gift retailers and QVC.

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Remarkable Kitchenware

Our flagship product Mingle Plate ® is Ideal for standing social occasions, the plate is like a mobile table that mounts saucer, bowel and cups or any of the combination together. This combo of detachable tableware free people from sitting next to table so that people can network while eating. With Mingle Plate ® you can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and beverages with one hand. Mingle plates transform social dining experience and are great for sports and social events, freeing your guests to mix and mingle. They are manufactured as either durable or disposable materials.

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Pinup-ish is a start-up 1950’s inspired boutique that offers affordable women’s “RTW- Ready to Wear” clothing and accessories. The items in the shop are inspired by the glamour of the 1950’s fashion “Golden Age”. The consumer at Pinup-ish is a fashion forward female enjoys timeless, classic silhouettes that boast femininity. We will reach consumer by working with other businesses that complement our products and services for cross marketing opportunity: Pin-up Organize and Clean LLC – a 1950’s inspired eco- friendly space organization and residential cleaning service. There is an e-commerce and social media to keep the vintage lovers connected.

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The internet has changed the way we shop forever. Our favorite local shops have had a hard time competing with online shopping and big boxes. Attempts to bring feet in the door have been short lived and haven’t hit on the real problem. Quite simply, we don’t know if they have what we want. ShopHop aims to take the ease of finding what you want online and meld it with the ability to try & buy locally right now. ShopHop gives local shops an easy way to list all their goods and lets shoppers find anything for sale in their area.

Nearly everything you want is available to buy from a local shop in your market. The problem is finding that one item you need. Right now that task is daunting. Your options are making phone calls, driving to different shops or hoping that one of them lists their wares online. Because of this many people who would like to shop locally for more of their daily needs end up going to big box stores or ordering online. Imagine how those habits would change if those customers could find out where a product was, who was selling it and various other answers after just a quick search through ShopHop.

Through a novel approach and clever strategy ShopHop aims to index every item available to buy in a local market, starting right here in RVA.


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Olive Ashby

Olive Ashby launched the fall of 2013 creating bowties for boys and men. I decided to go on this creative adventure because of my passion for the fashion industry and my love of buying products made in the States.  But it all really took off after listening to a presentation in my Sunday School class.  The young couple that morning spoke on the lack of employment opportunities in the Richmond region and how many people live with little hope of ever making it above the poverty line.  In that room that morning all I could think was, “Hey I can do something. I can help.  I can make a difference”.

Olive Ashby is a little company with a big goal of creating heirloom quality products right here in Virginia.  And as it grows, I look forward to giving hope to others through education and jobs.   In fact one of my greatest pleasures has been teaming up with my mom who was laid off in 2011.  Olive Ashby has allowed her to try out this new creative path and discover new possibilities!

In addition to creating the bowties, I am launching sewing classes this spring with the goal of empowering others with a skill set they can use to benefit their everyday life and share with others.  Classes will focus on learning new techniques and taking home a Pinterest worthy product at the conclusion of each class.  Every fourth class will be offered at no cost, with the focus not only being learning a new skill, but providing a local non-profit such as my church’s Missionary home, CARITAS, St. Joseph’s Villa or Habitat with a product they are in need of.

Over the past five months Olive Ashby bowties have been shipped to over 14 states, can now be purchased in an Ashland boutique and is capturing big impressions on social media. This adventure is endless and I look forward to seeing what is in store.

Overall I am so thankful for this opportunity to share my business with the community and local professionals who can provide some wisdom to help me reach the next level.

Much thanks!
Olive Ashby

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Shelfie! The Bathtub Tray for Safer Play

As a mom to two preschool-age daughters, I’ve spent many nights sitting by the bathtub with a wet towel, catching the overflow.  That is, until now! Shelfie–The Bathtub Tray for Safer Play, is an innovative new, patent-pending bath-time accessory for toddlers and young children. It creates play space on the tub ledge and contains water, which helps to prevent slips, falls, and injuries. Two years ago, I built the first Shelfie out of cardboard and duct tape. Today, Shelfie’s e-commerce website is up and running, and sales have begun. The initial marketing strategy combines social media outreach and advertising with direct, old-fashioned door-knocking to local retail shops that carry children’s products.  We are ready today to demonstrate through product sales that Shelfie solves a problem universal to parents of little ones.  Today, Shelfie is available for sale online, and at Pigtails & Crewcuts and The Toy Center in Richmond.  In the months ahead, we plan to take Shelfie from RVA to anywhere in the USA!

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Everyday Innovations LLC

Target Audience: Clothing-conscious women who appreciate the benefits of partial clothes drying.

Pain Point: Accidental shrinking and fading while trying to partially dry clothing in the dryer.

Unique Selling Proposition: Safe-Dri® Dryer Protection Bags are specially designed with advanced moisture management fabrics to partially dry your clothing, providing a safe and easy way to get the benefits of partial drying without the extra step of returning to the dryer to pull out shrinkable clothing before it over dries and without the risk of overexposing clothing to dryer heat & tumbling damage that leads to shrinking and fading.

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The Barkery & Catfe, LLC

The Barkery & Catfe: We fetch – You play! We’re a local, online pet
supply retailer & delivery service; catering only the highest quality
products to dogs, cats, birds, and pocket pets in the Greater Richmond
Region. All local deliveries are FREE to save RVA pet parents time
and money – no longer will they have to rush after work to beat early
closing times or visit multiple shops to get all of their different
types of pets’ supplies. We’re also unique because we offer custom
treats and balanced homemade food to cat and dog owners who prefer
organic and locally sourced ingredients, “whole food” pet foods, or whose pets
have special needs. We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and we
seek out the best eco-friendly pet merchandise. We recycle everything
and have two hybrid vehicles for deliveries. We also have a program
called “Green Paws” that awards points for future discounts in return
for recycling packaging materials from our products. We are marketing
through social media, partnering with local rescues, and selling our
products at area pet-themed events. Our goal is to promote healthier
living for pets, environmentally friendly consumers, and to be a
reliable source of information for pet owners.

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Tumbleweed is an online clothing shop dedicated to providing attractive clothes for baby to toddler-aged boys. By offering classic looks and better basics, we aim to be the go-to resource for moms and dads who are tired of the big box store offerings, silly slogans, and uninspired graphics. We source our pieces from European and American designers who are socially and environmentally conscious about the products they create. Our collections will nurture the inner nature of your baby boy!

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John Alexander

John Alexander is an upscale mens clothing line, created to lead the fight against diabetes, poised to skyrocket awareness through fashion. The first business of its kind, offering large portions of revenues to the American Diabetes Association. John Alexander’s mission is to create clothing that represents “Compassionate Luxury,” making its wearers feel good about the clothing they wear and the fact that in choosing John Alexander products, they are making a difference in the world. John Alexander will offer dynamic clothing with an electric experience through viral fashion videos, complimented by intimate association and product placement with the American Diabetes Association, its united community, and its star-personality relationships.

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Sir Bentley Art

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts. They give us unconditional love, entertain us and enrich our lives every day. Sir Bentley Art creates custom handmade likenesses of pets in clay, each piece created with love and attention to detail.
A custom Sir Bentley Art piece makes a unique and memorable gift and will touch the heart of its recipient. Our target market is pet owners, animal lovers, art collectors and animal rescue groups. Social media is an excellent way to reach special interest groups like these, giving us an incredibly positive response to our product. YouTube

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My Little Prayer Closet, LLC

We sell cabinet-style pieces of decorative furniture that convert into prayer kneelers. They’re originally configured as waist-high, wood-grain cabinets on the top of which you can place decorations such as photos, candles, etc. However, you can also open the cabinet doors and fold out a padded bench to kneel down on for prayer. The product prevents the strain on knees and backs caused by kneeling on bare floors by providing structures for upright posture and cushioned platforms to kneel on. They will be primarily marketed through television and online campaigns on top national faith-based media properties.

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Gandzee styles entire wardrobe collections for babies and kids and delivers them to busy moms and dads in one magical box. With the click of a single button, you get a season’s worth of high-quality, fashion-forward clothing, comparable to what you’d find in a high-end department store or boutique. Mix and match the box’s contents with basic staples your child already owns (think khakis, jeans and tights) and you’ll get even more incredible outfits out of the deal. Shopping for kids clothes has never been this easy… or this fun!

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Love This

Love This is a mobile shop that will travel around Richmond promoting responsibly crafted products. We identify changemakers with an eye for design that have direct connections to talented hands. Our curated collection of quality accessories, clothing and home decor cultivates social, environmental and economic well-being. At Love This you can shop with purpose while embracing your style.

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Modern Barter Inc. is an Internet bartering context provider that allows individuals and organizations to exchange their goods and services, called commodities, without money involved. reinvents bartering and overcomes traditional bartering limitations by allowing exchanges between unlimited number of parties in asynchronous manner. It also serves as the outlet for must-sell commodities (soon expired groceries, unreserved hotel rooms, any items at home or office etc.). With, customers search and “buy” commodities and post and trade in their commodities asynchronously.

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