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Image Machine LLC

Image Machine LLC is a media production company specializing in artistic photo-journalism with commercial appeal at a fast production rate, as well as location-based gaming. KC Johnson is an Emmy nominated producer and VCU Alumna ready to produce new and exciting media of and for Richmond, Virginia! With years of experience and a proven track record of hard work, Image Machine LLC would like to bring “Urban Gaming” to the forefront of our downtown city scape.

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IntelliGraph, Inc.

IntelliGraph is building tools that harness the power of every day life experiences. 21st century learning takes place both in and outside the classroom, and during every stage of life. Whether touring an attraction, playing a sport, or reading a book, what you’re learning should count.

We’re addressing 3 needs: 1) A reliable experience capture system 2) Better recall mechanisms and 3) Trustworthy recommendations for new experiences.

IntelliGraph is a strong Richmond-based team with a unique point-of-experience customer acquisition strategy, which will be piloted with our first product, “Track 10” – and ready for Alpha release by competition day.

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Invigorated Ventures, LLC

According to the Startup Genome Report, the typical web-based startup needs $1 million and takes eleven months to start generating paying customers. Invigorated Ventures offers a new and unique funding model by licensing, for equity or a royalty, a commercial, near-turnkey collaborative business enterprise platform with broad functionality that can have select businesses operational in 30 days or less. Licensees can immediately leverage the investment of over 100,000 R&D hours, thus materially reducing financing, IT development and market-entry risk. Because code – not cash – is being leveraged, Invigorated Ventures can finance a near unlimited number of portfolio companies.

Executive Summary for Invigorated Ventures

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Live Ambitions

We want to provide a respectable amount of gamers with the opportunity to have a career in gaming. By hosting matches and events online and physically, we are able to reach a wide range of people who are interested in alternative means of income while creating multiple marketing avenues and flexible strategies that are effectively placed to enhance experience through healthy “company to customer” relationships. Using the same strategy, we want give the rest of the world a different view of gaming by transforming everyday tasks into enjoyable rewards. Future endeavors consist of bringing people of all kinds together using one commonality, i.e., gaming

Executive Summary for Live Ambitions

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Life Shifted Media LLC

LifeShifted’s goal is to be the #1 source for information, support, and resources for young entrepreneurial women. We launch in June with a virtual retreat that will Livestream keynotes from the likes of best-selling author Danielle La Porte as well as Q & As with savvy serial entrepreneurs like Angela Jia Kim. Beginning July 1, our curated bloggers will provide fresh content daily on the key factors impacting young women entrepreneurs. Our monetization strategy is: affiliate dollars (through the LifeShifted shop where we promote only those programs we believe in and have vetted), online & offline branded events and trainings, and sponsorship & advertising revenue.

Executive Summary for Life Shifted

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Quervas™ is a graphic-based coding system that enables end-users to better consume and enjoy local arts, culture, and entertainment via their mobile devices. Our intuitive designs give direct access to everything from restaurant menus, GPS-based tours, and local culture in ways that help grow the visibility of regional businesses to both local residents and visitors. A Quervas-based system is also a green alternative and reduces carbon footprints by eliminating a wide range of paper items while also putting RVA at the forefront of cities tapping into the expanding market of rapid digital access via mobile devices.

Executive Summary for Quervas

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MerchantTribe is an ecommerce solution that leverages data collected from thousands of online stores to help businesses grow larger. We process the data through a custom algorithm and provide merchants with an MRES number. MRES is our proprietary McConnell Retail Engagement Score which is a simple way for merchants to tell at a glance if they doing things to improve their store. In addition to the MRES score, which acts as a trend marker over time, we provide direct advice based on the score such as “Your bounce rate is higher than similar stores. Consider adding compelling calls to action on your most popular landing pages.”

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Danbra LLC

Danbra LLC, a business development company based in Richmond, Virginia, produces smartphone tours for Apple’s iPhone and Android and Nokia smartphones. Their most recent production features 17 of Washington D.C.’s monuments and memorials, including the Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt memorials, and the brand new monument to Dr. Martin Luther King. The tour, which is immediately available, guides the tourist step-by-step to each point of interest, telling the memorial’s story just like a professional tour guide would. Affordably priced at $2.99, the DC Memorial tour includes nearly 20 minutes of audio, a detailed walking map, dozens of photographs, a Facebook® share option, and tips on where to find nearby food and drink. Danbra’s DC Memorial tour is the latest addition to a growing collection of professional tours, including ones for Paris, London, Boston, and Hong Kong, that are included with a mobile tourism app called PocketGuide.

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Producia – Video!

Imagine a College-Based that used student’s time and underutilized resources as the currency of its marketplace (called Time Dollars) instead of cash.

Producia is the fun, barter-based marketplace with a cause.

It’s a marketplace, social network, and a startup incubator all-in-one that uses a new strategy called gamification to incentivize passionate production and social good within communities.

We help guide our members to give their talents to the community as social entrepreneurs for the goods and services they need and want using the world’s first digital barter currency for social entrepreneurs, The Fini.

Executive Summary for Producia

Check out this video from Producia

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EasyViewAds LLC (coming soon)

Having previously co-owned (and sold) a successful bathroom billboard business in RVA years ago; I am currently bringing a new interactive ad bulletin, and information card center network to area locations. Combining an organized business card size ‘automated take one’ billboard directory with a touch screen tablet information interface will allow local businesses to reach customers effectively with deal-offers, and info cards that are further enhanced with interactive marketing media on the coordinated touch screen ID system. The EasyViewAds centers direct potential clients to an online site with full directory and order/placement center so businesses can choose area locations to have their message posted.

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ThankYouPro is an iPhone application that lets you create and mail a professional thank you note in less than a minute.

Elegant designs, handwritten signature, your logo or photo, a first class stamp, mailed in 24hrs. Choose from over 20 quality card designs to fit the situation — casual, formal, friendly, tasteful. Or create your own card from a photograph or any image. Write your personal thank you note with a handwriting font and pen color of your choice. Add your company logo and sign your name right on the iPhone! Tap ‘Mail’ and your card is sent off to the printer to be printed, slipped into the envelope, and mailed. We place an actual 1st class stamp on your envelope and put your card in the mail.

Sales professional know the impact that a printed follow-up thank you note can have. But busy professionals just don’t have the time to find cards, write notes, buy stamps, and get to a mailbox. ThankYouPro lets them create that note on their iPhone and send it before leaving their customer’s parking lot.

238 million iPhones & iPads, > 25 million US sales professionals, 7 billion greeting cards sold every year in US. The potential is significant!

Our initial target market will be sales professionals in real estate, insurance, pharmaceutical/medical, automotive, financial services and marketing verticals. There is also a large consumer market – for example, moms sending thank you cards for birthday and baby shower presents.

ThankYouPro will be sold worldwide through the Apple appStore and to enterprise accounts for distribution to their sales force. Card production and fulfillment is based in Richmond.
Free download at

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Zilicus Solutions

ZilicusPM offers comprehensive online project management & collaboration capabilities to get things done; it empowers business users to make precise business decision through right access to knowledge & collaboration.

At one end, simple To-Do list/ Task Management software touted as Project Management Software, on other hand overly complex enterprise solutions are out of reach of SMBs; whereas the rest of the software available to users:
1. Lacked comprehensive & useful features
2. Performance & user-experience of these tools, have been disappointing

Marketing Strategy:
Online Marketing – marketplaces, reviews, SEM; channel development through reseller, VARs & affiliates

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RPower Media is a technology company. RPower Media enables individuals to make informed decisions about their privacy. RPower Media enables nonprofits to increase their fundraising activities online at no cost. RPower Media builds technology, builds solutions, and provides platforms for nonprofit organizations. We enable people to protect their identity, protect their privacy, and affect positive change in the world.
We believe that individuals want to make the world a better place. We have blended our belief of privacy protection and identity theft into the most forward thinking and advanced advertising network in the world. We combine our policy of privacy protection and identity theft with the desire for individuals to affect positive change in the world. By disempowering websites and organizations that want nothing more than to steal or use personally identifiable information, we have enabled individuals to make a choice, and build a better world.
In 2005, we developed a suite of security products aimed at protecting the individual from identity theft. This suite of products is known as BetterGuard. It has been for sale exclusively on the AOL Lifestore since 2008.
Companies that build some of the most popular technology products and web sites in the world today are profiting from the sale, rental, or exchange of personally identifiable information. The profiles that these companies build on their users are so complete the only thing that is missing is often a name. With this collection of information and the increasing speed of change in technology requiring constant innovation there became a need to develop a product that combines the expertise of safety and security with the power of technology.
RPower combined the power of our proprietary privacy software in BetterGuard and merged it with our expert knowledge in media and technology. The result was a new platform that protects an individual from technology intrusion with the ability to help people give back. Our goal was and is to help protect the privacy of individuals and help raise money for what matters most to them, AlwaysGiving was born.

AlwaysGiving: AlwaysGiving is our patent pending technology that limits the exposure of individuals’ information to third-party companies. These third-party companies are almost always advertising companies. In an effort to control the targeting of advertising companies we developed the AlwaysGiving Platform.

AlwaysGiving simultaneously protects the privacy of individuals and enables consumers to have a choice on whether they will be tracked by advertising companies. This is done when the AlwaysGiving browser application is installed as an add-on to the browser that a consumer uses today to surf the internet. It runs in the background like any other add-on or plug-in. Every time a website is visited with advertisements that try to track its users or pull information without active consent, the AlwaysGiving plug-in preempts that ad and replaces it. This allows any individual with the AlwaysGiving plug-in installed to browse the internet without the fear that any of their private information is being compromised in anyway. AlwaysGiving is the only fully transparent, completely opt-in advertising network in the world.

A significant portion of the revenue generated by the AlwaysGiving Platform is made to each non-profit partner quarterly.

RPower Media has developed the most ingenious way for people to knowingly participate in making the world better, while disabling any violation of their privacy by advertising companies.

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BetterGuard Mobile – Video!

Every time you use your Android™ or iPhone™ device, you are subject to privacy threats. Threats that can put your personal information at risk, and reveal things about your private life to cyber criminals, such as where you are located at any given time, a complete list of your friends and contacts, and even record and monitor conversations you are having without your consent!
Other risks you are exposed to on both the Android™ and iPhone™ device is the monitoring of your text messages, GPS tracking, the viewing of your incoming and outgoing call logs, and even the remote viewing of your private browsing history.
Certain applications on these devices also have access to the camera and microphone, so they can remotely take pictures and make recordings without your permission! These photos, videos, and audio files can then be transmitted and uploaded to servers that you do not know about.
BetterGuard Mobile™ for Android™ and iPhone™ can help protect you, and your personal information from cybercriminals who may be watching your every online move. Our unique patent pending approach to cyber threat assessment ensures that you are fully prepared and protected from the ramifications of downloading and using any mobile application you might have on your device.
BetterGuard Mobile™ will;
•Highlight potential problems with any app down to the device-level.
•Identify applications that are trying to access information that shouldn’t be accessed.
•Keep track of all installed applications and their privacy threat level.
At BetterGuard™, we believe that protecting your identity and personal information is critical for you to get the most out of your mobile device. We have been in business for over ten years, and remain committed to providing users the ultimate in privacy and security tools.

Executive Summary for Better Guard Mobile

Check out this video from Better Guard Mobile

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