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3rd Sensation

3rd Sensation…enables you to add the effect of vibration to video and movie content.

First there were silent movies which used the sense of sight, and then the second sense was added, the sense of hearing. Now the 3rd Sensation is available, the sense of touch. Now you can…”Feel the Image”.
Third Sensation enhanced video engages multiple senses on the phone, the tablet and the TV remote. Imagine capturing video on your phone and adding vibration events which coincide with the action moments.
Now sharing the action via Twitter or on your Facebook page includes vibration to heighten the experience. Your baby boy jumps up and down in his crib, each time his feet lands you add a vibration event…now your friends can feel the baby jumping via video.
3rd Sensation Mobile advertising entertains and engages your customer with the sense that they can feel your message. An Interactive opportunity: artwork with a QR code and 3rd Sensation enhanced video creates product shirts or posters which invite you to “feel the Image” the motorcycle roar, the cat’s meow or even the blooper moment.

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How many times have you had a vexing customer service experience? You want to make yourself heard, you want resolution, but you don’t have the time. CARP2US provides the fix. We allow customers to “carp” and bring businesses into the conversation. CARP2US leverages the immediacy, efficiency, and engagement of social media, tied together by a kick-ass smart phone app. Plus, we add a bit of entertainment value to balance the karma and keep users interested.

Just tap a button on your smartphone’s screen to let the business (and your friends) know how you feel. Your phone knows where you are and makes it easy to provide feedback with a couple of clicks. Tap a CARP2US NFC chip or scan a CARP2US QRC posted by a business to start the process. Engage at any level…from simply clicking one button to rate your experience…all the way to posting a full-out rant that can include text, audio and video. Civility is required, humor is encouraged. Businesses immediately receive your comment and get a chance to respond directly through CARP2US. See which businesses are getting carps…and how well they resolve them.

Complain constructively…CARP2US!

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PROBLEM: Shopping local is hard! It’s time consuming, driving dependent and how about those holiday parking wars? Shopping online is convenient, mobile, product variety is endless and you can wear your pajamas. So, independent retailers suffer, businesses close, and cities have massive commercial vacancies. SOLUTION:, where local, brick-and-mortar businesses can set up virtual storefronts and sell merchandise on a joint ecommerce site. Now, instead of browsing through Amazon items and sellers, consumers can browse through local items and sellers. Many websites use the “power in numbers” model; crafters gather and sell on, pet rescuers promote furry friends on, even garage sale warriors have Why shouldn’t local, brick-and-mortar businesses have a place to join forces and sell products? RESULT: Local businesses increase their customer base, expand marketing opportunities, gain additional income, and utilize local cross promotion. Localities regain sales tax revenue, commercial districts thrive and consumers can shop local…online!

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So your friend is an artist and you’re a musician. You both want to find an online network to post and share your work. There’s plenty of these around so you have no problem finding them. But let’s say you guys want to interact in one place or with other creative people to post, share, sell, and blog about your work. What if you do music and photography? Or graphic design? Or you even design clothing? Creative people like this should be in one place to share their work, not separated by interest specific websites across the web. And if you have more than one creative interest to showcase you should be able to combine all of those passions on a platform that is designed for that very purpose. serves as that platform. It brings creatives to one user friendly hub where they can do anything from organizing a portfolio to selling their work and blogging about their experiences. At, we inspire creativity.

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Refersal, Inc

A brand’s customers opt-in to placing ads in their own social feeds creating an authentic referral and these same customers are rewarded when their friends and followers click on the links. Consumers earn redeemable rewards for their favorite products and services. Brands receive authentic referrals, improve sales conversions through on-line channels, lower acquisition costs, and increase customer loyalty. Agencies gain expanded social advertising solutions and simplified, multi-channel campaign management capabilities. Refersal: Share. Promote. Reward.

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College students face the following challenges:

1. Little to no experience in their desired career fields
2. No one stop source to find a diversity of talents on campus
3. Short on cash
4. Transitioning into a tough job market

(In April 2012, The Associated Press reported that 1 in 2 college grads were underemployed or unemployed.)

Our startup, Producia, was developed to help solve these problems by utilizing technology for social good.

Imagine a Craigslist for college students that uses a digital, time-based currency called Fini instead of dollars (concept is called time banking), and also had a startup program to help college students create jobs they love & improve the local community.

That’s what we’re developing with our startup, Producia, which is the fun, campus-based marketplace with a cause. We have created partnerships with several student organizations at Virginia Commonwealth University and have started a 3 month pilot project to test out our model on campus.

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Healthy Budget Coach

Student loan debt has reached 1 trillion dollars and tuition continues to rise. HealthyBudgetCoach College and Career Readiness Consulting is a new community based company that wants to educate, interact and help students and parents find a way to afford college without piling up debt. The community is interactive with Ustream, YouTube and web based video conferencing for tutoring as well as a place for prospective students to interact with peers from Virginia colleges. Affordable personal services are available for those who want to learn more about college research, financial aid, and budgeting for college.

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Everyday millions of creative files are deleted due to creative decisions. With Squirrelplex, that media will be recycled, allowing users to upload and download other user’s trash. This media sharing collective will form the foundation for a revolution in creativity, allowing others to pick up where we gave up on an idea. The website will also provide users with gallery/sales space for completed work (ranging from music to photos to paintings) and take a percentage of sales to generate profit. The media sharing collective will hopefully spur a new kind of collaboration, one where even trash has value.

Executive Summary for SquirrelPlex

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Blazr is building a global geo-wiki platform for creating mobile tour guides. While oriented towards historical information, the Blazr platform also offers current events of interest that drive traffic to regional locations such as restaurants, museums, and parks, based on the user’s specific interests. Blazr solves for a number of civic and cultural issues in localities world-wide, including Richmond. Specifically, Blazr serves as a platform for all of the solutions presented in the #WhyRVA and James RVA proposals of the Good Ideas for Cities: Richmond event. Education is increasingly about technology, and education is increasingly about geo-intelligence. Blazr combines education, technology, and geo-intelligence in one seamless, easy-to-use tool.

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City Scrapbook – Video!

Want to know what’s going on in your city without making it your full time job to follow every social media network?

Being socially connected feels great, but it’s work. You live in the real world.

City Scrapbook makes your time being socially connected payoff.

What neighborhood should I live in? Are there mom’s groups? How is parking..really? Good restaurants in the neighborhood? Where are the farmer’s markets? Who’s having wine tastings? Are there any upcoming startup events? Where are the hidden gardens? RVA Bucketlist?

Your work ignoring your peers while on your mobile device is finally paying off.

Check out this video from City Scrapbook

Be sure to follow City Scrapbook at and @cityscrapbook (twitter)



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Order Hatch

For the consumer: Place food orders online, from your phone or computer in real-time. Choose from an easy to use interactive menu. No need to call the restaurant. Interact with the restaurant via text chat. The program remembers your orders, so reordering your favorites is easy. Get food recommendation based on what you usually order.

For the restaurant owner: Display your menu online, set up a loyalty program, interact with guests who prefer to type rather than call, advertise deals during slow periods

Executive Summary for Order Hatch

For more information, go to

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TheBizMarket – Video!

TheBizMarket… Bringing Business Local.

TheBizMarket is a business-to-business daily deal website. Our mission is to help local businesses connect with other local businesses instead of relying on national vendors for their daily business needs. The internet and modern day technology make it too easy to use national vendors instead of supporting the local community. Through our daily deal website, we allow businesses to try other Richmond businesses’ services at a discounted rate, in hopes that they establish a long-term relationship. Through our pay-per-performance advertising model, TheBizMarket also helps companies identify and connect with their target audience. By bringing business local, TheBizMarket will allow the Richmond business community to flourish.

Check out this video from TheBizMarket

For more information, go to

Be sure to follow TheBizMarket at

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CycleStay is a comprehensive public bicycle security solution. Designed with college/corporate campuses in mind, our bicycle rack with an integrated lock and security system actively monitors bicycles when the owners are not around. Using key cards, members simply swipe in to the system to lock/unlock their bicycle. Should anything occur at a unit, the system sounds an audible alarm and sends a mobile notification to the user. Building a loyal host and user base through enticing shared revenues and benefits, CycleStay is the obvious way to provide convenience, security, and peace of mind to the increasing number of cyclists nationwide.

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ViM: Video in Music

Video In Music (ViM) is a mobile app that will revolutionize the way we experience music. Through a game-like setting, musicians and non-musicians alike will engage in audiovisual creativity. With the touch of a finger, users intuitively build and record visual representations of beats, chords and melodies. These tracks then power the global ViM Hub and connect users through a social network for sharing, collaboration, content upgrades, recording artists’ ViM interaction and more. Whether inspiring first-time composers, offering a new competitive gaming experience or fueling crowd-sourced live concerts, ViM will literally transform how the world views music.

Executive Summary for Video in Music

Check out this video from Video in Music

For more information, go to

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Thought™, Inc.

Thought™, Inc. is poised to revolutionize the way we tell stories on the Internet by developing and distributing tools that capture our ideas, our events and our lives in a complete, easy to use, multi media format.

Thoughtbooks™, built on our proprietary technology platform, invest user generated content with intelligence that makes the content aware of it’s context, its users, its purpose and its audience.

Because Thoughtbooks™ are built on a trust framework, they protect intellectual property, help define identity and ensure appropriate interactions.

Executive Summary for Thought, Inc.

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Smart Projex, Inc.

Smart Projex is a flexible, user-friendly web application which helps managers and teams plan, execute and administer projects more efficiently – and with less frustration — than the existing Gantt and Agile-oriented programs. Its unique features include pop-up help screens and process guides (which direct the novice user), as well as activity breakdowns (which display key metrics graphically). Small businesses, professional firms and non-profits will reduce costs and improve communications when they use the program to manage both large and small projects. A website, complete with interactive free trial, goes live in mid-May to test the project before marketing planning begins.

Smart Projex has now launched at  There is a demo on the Features page and you can check it out without any commitment.

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Risk Based Security, Inc.

In spite of the wholesale implementation of security best practices, data breaches cost our national economy billions of dollars annually. Organizations need timely and accurate data breach analytics along with ready access to security expertise in order to understand their threat landscape and to better prioritize security spending based on their unique risks.
Risk Based Security’s one-of a-kind, Internet based, cyber risk analytics portal, combined with a wide array of consulting solutions, will guide an organization to identify the true risks to its most valuable assets and direct resources where they are needed most, resulting in the right security.

Executive Summary for Risk Based Security

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IncidentAdvisor, LLC

Would you know about a chemical leak in the building next door? What about robberies on your route home?

In this age of digital communications and social networking, public safety professionals still lack the tools to reliably broadcast warnings and notifications to the public based on where they are, not where they happen to live.

We’re changing that. We are active public safety operators, developing an emergency notification platform that goes beyond text messages and blurbs on the local news, to let people know what’s going on near their actual location at that moment in time, in real-time.

Executive Summary for IncidentAdvisor

Be sure to follow IncidentAdvisor at

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My Design Guide

This is the ultimate Richmond business. Born from my desire to have professional interior design, but not pay traditional prices. I was inspired by the fact that we have a top interior design school right here – and unfortunately, many of the graduates were not getting jobs. So, I can employ them.
We’ve built an Interior Design delivery cloud technology that allows designers anytime, anywhere to rapidly develop custom interior designs for the 100 million middle american client base. This technology is proprietary and deep facilitating every aspect of the design, ordering, creation and delivery process.
Our Stylefinder has been a wildly succesful new concept. We acquire and engage clients through this fun graphical interface. We learn about our clients and collect their style and home preferences and characteristics. We know which of our clients have 2 kids, cats, live in a cottage and have Behr Smoke Gray on their bedroom walls among – the depth of information we have collected is unavailable elsewhere except to largest corporations. And, trials in using this detailed information to create highly targetted marketing has achieved 30% open rate on email.

We are operational and have converted almost 10% of our email contact list but need PR and marketing funding to reach a mass market.

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Control A Plus

Asthma is the cause of 1/4 of all emergency room visits, 1 out of 10 kids in the USA has Asthma. Our business focuses on monitoring and controlling the triggers and irritants that cause asthma attacks. Our app/hardware device will revolutionize the way doctors, parents and kids view asthma. It will help kids control their asthma, keeping them out of the emergency rooms…more importantly it will decrease the psychological effects of this condition and empower kids to live a normal life…the life they have always dreamed of. There is no cure for this disease…the only answer is control.

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