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Sani-blade (patent pending) is a portable commercial countertop system that features three chambers which you use to properly wash, rinse and sanitize a knife blade in just seconds, helping prevent foodborne illness and saving kitchen staff valuable time. The wash chamber contains a brush assembly inside to remove debris from the knife blade as you clean it. Dip the knife into the rinse chamber,then into the sanitize chamber. It’s that easy! When food safety is important, Sani-blade keeps you clean! Check this video to learn more

We are working with a strategic partner to pursue licensing and have received interest from two major restaurant chains.

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As a 24-year old young professional in Richmond, it is the hardest thing to come home after a long day at work and prepare a healthy meal which I why I came up with my concept. GraduatedFare is a combination of recipes and prepared meals from local restaurants to create a much healthy and affordable “college” meal plans for the real world. Your weekly package would include simple/healthy recipes, a grocery list and 1-7 prepared dinners a week from your favorite local restaurants. With GraduatedFare, you can save time and money while elevating the way you eat.

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Harvest Grocery & Supply, Inc.

Harvest Grocery & Supply is a modern neighborhood market out to prove the power of independent grocers. We focus on supporting local food economies by educating consumers, creating a compelling retail environment and promoting the crucially important idea that good, locally grown food shared with others is fun.

Harvest adds value to producers and consumers alike by providing a small footprint, responsive retail outlet that exists between the farmers market and a huge, corporate, sterile supermarket.

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Bagel Buggy

How many times have you woken up and wished you could get a quality breakfast delivered right to your door? Our company Bagel Buggy seeks to solve that problem for the students living on-campus at the University of Richmond. Functioning as a weekend breakfast delivery service, Bagel Buggy brings quality breakfast options right to the doors of those who do not have the ingredients to cook or the energy to leave the comfort of their homes. Offering a variety of bagels and breakfast sandwiches and efficient delivery, Bagel Buggy both satisfies the morning food cravings and takes advantage of the morning lethargy many college students experience following a long night.

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Campus À La Carte

Do you love a good home cooked meal? Campus À La Carte is proposing a home away from home dining option with a healthy twist. By offering weekly, easily accessible, dine-in take-out dinners on campus, University of Richmond students will be able to enjoy healthy and satisfying $10 dinners. We will reach our target market through positive word of mouth, email blasts, and flyers around campus. As our business grows we will offer meals Monday through Friday and open up to college campuses across the nation. We hope to become a healthy stable across the nation.

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Bramble Hill

Did you know that most flowers you purchase these days are almost always from another country? The chemicals they use, the way in which they travel to the US are left to our imagination. The same goes with our food supply. According to the EPS less than 1% claim farming as an occupation. The interest in farming as a profession is becoming a lost art. Especially floraculture.

In a 2011 article in Smithsonian Magazine this quote stuck out:
“A 1981 survey of almost 9,000 flower workers by scientists from Colombia, France and Britain found that the work had exposed people to as many as 127 different chemicals, mostly fungicides and pesticides. (One incentive to use pesticides: the U.S. Department of Agriculture checks imported flowers for insects, but not for chemical residues.) A 1990 study by Colombia’s National Institute of Health (NIH) suggested that pregnant Colombian flower workers exposed to pesticides might have higher rates of miscarriages, premature births and babies with congenital defects.”

My dream and goal is to start an organic farm growing flowers and produce. Planting extra food for my community that may need an extra meal. Teaching/holding classes on the “how and why” we should all be paying close attention to our food supply and where it is sourced from and how to grow our own food. I would like to sell flowers, food and baked goods at the local Farmers Markets as well.

My biggest obstacle? Land. As a suburban girl each year I find myself asking friends and family for a patch of land to grow my garden on. I would love to have my very own piece of dirt with which to grow my dream.

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And Dim Sum

Fresh… Fast… Fun… And Dim Sum!
And Dim Sum is RVA’s premier westernized dumpling food cart. Far from the hum-drum dim sum experiences currently offered in RVA, the seasonal noodles, teas, salads and a variety of dim sum — like the Punk-N-Dump (pumpkin-flavored dumpling), Chocolate Chipotle Bacon spring rolls, and S’more Wontons — sets us apart and appeals to foodies, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets. We cater to customer’s palates, wallets and time-constraints by offering fresh, sustainable, locally-sourced food, daily specials, and catering. Flyers, mailers, e-mail, word-of-mouth, events, viral marketing, trendsetters and social networking sites will promote the business.

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Cannon’s Seafork Bistro and Catering

A small eat in and carry out restaurant. The design is what makes it so special and the food is a Blessing! All Hot Vegetables are on display (at least 8-9 healthy choices) , nothing like it in Richmond. Home cook meals and seafood specialties, perfect for eat in or on the go. I owned a pretty successful food business back in the 80’s. People are still craving our wet batter for fried hard-shell and soft-shell crabs, Seafood Gumbo, the best baked and fried chicken you will ever eat! I am constantly ask to cater dinners for folk! Just one taste and you will be “Blessed”. Everything is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated anywhere! All recipes are from my family and our VA Beach heritage! Business consultants in the past stated that I ran an impeccable business on all levels.We have minimal start -up cost and very little waste. We were asked to franchise constantly. Location is key to our ability to reach all our consumers. Right now I’m feeding folk out of my home because the demand is so great! Our artful display of our food follows the concept, “it taste as good as it looks!” Lastly this business runs on honesty, integrality and high ethical standards, and I would never go into business if it would not make money! Richmond needs a place like this, on the riverfront, our in Varina where there is little to no food, Downtown for visitors to our great city can taste that Southern Experience and Great Tasting Seafood!!

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Richmond Food Cooperative

The Richmond Food Cooperative will be a member-owned full service grocery store providing affordable, local, sustainable and healthy food options. Membership means ownership at the Co-op, which operates for the mutual benefit of all member/owners. Cooperatives offer a unique economic model that is focused on keeping money local and is grounded in a sense of social responsibility. The Co-op will grow its membership base utilizing grassroots marketing and outreach strategies, targeting people who are committed to growing a healthy Richmond community and supporting local farms and businesses.

Visit our website at

and watch our member video here.

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Taste By State

We all associate certain foods with certain states, like peanuts and ham from Virginia.  No one thinks of Kansas and peanuts or Maine and ham.  What if you’re from Virginia now living in Kansas? How would you get well known Virginia Hubs peanuts?  Maybe you’re in Maine and want some Edwards Virginia Country ham. How about a gift basket filled with Virginia made food specialties for your Kansas and Maine friends? Welcome to , a unique, one-stop, online marketplace that connects you directly with state-specific specialty foods, gift baskets, and iconic meals from ALL 50 states!  Like us on Facebook

Taste By State Map

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The Batchery | Custom Craft Beer

The Batchery creates impeccable quality, tiny-batch, custom craft beers. We’re charting new territory for a brewing concern by completely sidestepping the retail hustle and ignoring the bar scene. Instead we create one-of-a-kind beers in collaboration with our clients for special events (WE LOVE WEDDINGS), custom contexts, and the intrepid members of our CSZ (that’s Community Supported Zymurgy).

We address two enduring desires among our customers: the desire for uniquely customized products and the desire for authentic collaborative experiences. Guided by the core principles of sustainability, community-building, open-sourcing, and a DIY Ethic we passionately pursue our mission—to brew the perfect beer for each and every occasion.

Learn more at | Follow us on Twitter @BatcheryBeer | Like us on Facebook

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The Daley Grind

A coffee delivery service that delivers home made lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, and coffee to local people around Richmond. People can make orders and then the drinks will be delivered to them in a timely manner. All drinks are homemade from natural materials.

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Sweet Yabby

Sweet Yabby specializes in providing specialty dessert tables and candy buffets for every type of event and celebration. We cater events large and small for birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, weddings, baby showers, and graduations, and religious celebrations. Dessert tables and candy buffets are the newest trend to sweeten any event. There is a need for event planners and planners providing these hot and trendy dessert and candy buffets and Richmond would be a great market for it. All of our dessert tables and candy buffets are custom made to fit your vision, your event colors and theme. We take pride in making sure that each is event is a sweet occasion to remember.

Executive Summary for Sweet Yabby

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Lil Miss Cupcake Lady

Lil Miss Cupcake Lady was created when I decided to trade in my corporate gear for my passion. Life events and my own two little cupcakes, Yacine and Gabrielle inspired me to mesh two of my dreams of baking and singing. I love to sing and I love to bake. Lil Miss Cupcake specializes in gourmet cupcakes and cakes which are homemade from scratch. Every customer is welcomed with a Lil Miss Cupcake jingle and me singing the flavor of their ordered cupcake/cake. I envision Lil Miss Cupcake Lady as a cupcake boutique marketed to families, universities, and colleges in the tri-cities where there is a need for a great cupcake boutique opened late to meet their sweet tooth cravings.

Executive Summary for Lil Miss Cupcake Lady

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Sprouts is a community farm-to-family market prospectively located in historic Shockoe Bottom. Our strong commitment to our neighbors is the essential drive behind our companies standards for locally sourced, sustainable products. Customers are celebrated with exclusive services, creative backyard fare, and bountiful ingredients from local suppliers.

Our company is structured around three points of service:
1. Unwavering community support
2. Natural products and organic service
3. Innovative thinking, creative application

Sprouts is a community of neighbors, team members and farmers working together to provide an outlet for education, positivity and local growth while promoting small businesses across the Richmond Virginia area

Executive Summary for Sprouts

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The Richmond Central Business District restaurant that offers a different lunchtime dining experience with emphasis on fresh, healthy and innovative cuisine at a reasonable price. We strive to purchase our products from local purveyors and producers and support community sponsored agriculture. As a bare bones beginning we have had to build slowly. Sometimes things are really hectic and we have to develop solutions on the fly. We hope our continued success will give us the opportunity to realize the potential this business is capable of. So far we have been very successful with our word of mouth campaign. It has been simple, people must love your product and they will tell others.

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Make My Meal

Do you want high-quality food but do not have the time or the ability to cook it yourself? Are you tired of ordering take out or spending a lot of money at restaurants? Do you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen when you’d rather be attending to your family or business? Would you like to impress your family and friends with a gourmet meal that they think you cooked yourself? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions then go ahead and say “Chef Lori, Make My Meal”. Make My Meal is a full range personal chef service which we will purchase the freshest ingredients, bring them into your kitchen, cook your menu selections for you, package your meals appropriately and clean up your kitchen when we are done. Make My Meal is the main ingredient for your dining and entertaining needs. We offer a variety of affordable services from healthy, well balanced meals to private dinner parties, cooking classes and even secret chef services. Make My Meal has special packages that cater to professionals, working families, seniors, dieters and homebound patients.

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the local agrarian – Video!

Locally Sourced, Freshly Prepared

The Local Agrarian believes in fresh, local and delicious. Our high-end, mobile kitchen brings farm fresh, locally sourced, freshly prepared, nutrient dense and DELICIOUS food to urban businesses and communities. Soon-to-be-launched “Club Fresh” brings prepared foods to individuals and families weekly – perfect for folks on the go who want a healthy, reasonably-priced alternative to fast or frozen foods. The Local Agrarian is also available for catering, cooking demos and corporate or community training to teach people how to prepare these local/fresh foods and how to become more self sustaining.

Executive Summary for The Local Agrarian

Check out this video from The Local Agrarian

For more information, go to

And be sure to follow The Local Agrarian on Twitter (@localagrarian) and Facebook (


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Humdinger Craft Soda

Humdinger Craft Soda is hand crafted with filtered water, cane sugar and all natural ingredients. We keep out the junk – No added flavoring or coloring, no preservatives, no concentrates. Just good old fashioned goodness!

Humdinger Craft Soda is the ONLY glass bottled soda maker in Virginia. With creative a creative marketing strategy, the continued rise of the “local” movement and demand for all natural products, Humdinger Craft Soda is positioned to grow within coffee shops, restaurants and specialty stores throughout Virginia and beyond.

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The TLC – Video!

For many different life events, we are here to help show someone you care by sending them a delicious, homestyle meal prepared in our USDA approved kitchen. Our three online food websites are;, and They allow people nationwide to continue the timeless tradition of “bringing over” a meal to someone who is experiencing a loss or an illness or to someone who has just welcomed a new member to the family. All of our 24 different meal packages are chef prepared, flash frozen and shipped nationwide by FedEx in 1-3 days. We are trying to reach our consumer by SEO and establishing affiliate partnerships with funeral homes, hospitals, hospices, baby registries and HR departments. Flowers have always been a “fall back” type gift to let individuals know you were thinking of them during one of these three life events. A lot of people feel like flowers can be a waste sometimes. Food has always been a welcome gift, but distances or schedules sometimes don’t allow for preparation or delivery. The TLC Kitchen has bridged that distance and schedule gap!

Executive Summary for The TLC Kitchen

Check out this video from The TLC Kitchen

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