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Johnson’s Weatherization

Weatherization upgrades to help homeowners save on monthly energy bill. This upgrade includes energy audits to determine how to balance the energy in the home. The business will provide a unique service such as monitoring our work and finding ways to reduce energy using less materials. Offering free home audits to consumers is the launching strategy for the business.

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DragonGrips are a set of heated pedal-powered bicycle handlebar grips. A small generator is used to capture the bicycle’s forward motion and generate electricity, which is then passed to a heating element embedded in an insulated grip. A cold metal handle bar and the constant flow of air over a rider’s hands can render even the best gloves useless, yet there are few accessories that aid a rider when riding in winter weather. DragonGrips are made to be affordable, adaptable to a variety of bicycles, and remove the need for environmentally unfriendly batteries. Our goal is to refine our working prototype and build around it a brand dedicated to making cycling more comfortable and accessible for all.

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Byrd’s Nest

My business would create scalable urban aquaponic farms in the City. The initial site would be a working educational/demonstration facility that would grow fish (talapia),herbs tomatoes, lettuce and collards,etc. It would teach and consult citizens on how to build sustainable aquaponic farms in urban environments, edify entreprenurial and science skills as to the business of food supply, and preparation, and promote the use of technology (ie. solar and computers) to enhace the efficient delivery of the products locally. This business is totally green and energy efficient. It will promote jobs, retail and wholesale business alliances (restaurants, transportation, grocers),provide services (food and training), have profound social impacts (wellness) as well as being profitable, while raising the quality of life for the City as a whole.

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RVA Water Services

RVA Water Services is a water based energy efficiency company focused on providing a water and sewer usage reduction program for multi-family properties by analyzing current usage and installing effective and efficient fixtures. These fixtures will be installed at no cost to the current owners with water and sewer charge savings split between owner and RVA Water Services over a fixed term. This model allows the owner to see positive cash flow from the beginning of the project and not requiring any capital outlay. Current technology allows for efficient fixtures to greatly outperform older products.

RVA Water Services is a member of Energy Star Portfolio Manager Program.

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RVA Rain Systems

RVA Rain Systems does assessments and installs rain-harvesting systems for residential properties. These sustainable landscape installations give homeowners control of a most valuable resource- water.

Our “active” rain systems give you a backup supply of water for regular hose use, irrigation, etc.  It looks like a peaceful waterfall or decorative fountain once installed.

Later this summer, when watering restrictions come out, you can stick it to the man and look good doing it!  Visual appeal is a high priority- don’t want to upset the H.O.A. 😉

Attractive and functional, we deliver the benefits of harvesting rain without sacrificing useable outdoor living space or visual appeal of the landscape.

Our “passive” rain harvesting systems(rain gardens)  use high-tech modern landscape products combined with good old-fashioned plants to manage storm water. Rain gardens solve problems of drainage, erosion, and storm water runoff.

Our installations can be considered “Best management Practices”, which could earn you credits on Storm Water Runoff Fees,  LEED points for green builders, or James River Association’s “River Hero” home award.

RVA Rain Systems- Taking Virginia By Storm!


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Nature’s Friends

Healthy people need healthy land. Urban dwellers who want to be healthy don’t always have access to healthy food or the healthy land to grow it. Nature’s Friends trains people in transforming “barren land” into bountiful sustainable gardens, without using chemicals or lots of water. Our venues include mobile camps for youth in agribusiness, workshops for schools and churches, and consultations for your home. We teach you to live sustainably in the city,the suburbs and rural areas. We have a business office in the Richmond area, and our “eco-sanctuary” is a private residence open by special appointment.

Executive Summary for Nature’s Friends

For more information, go to

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The Winona Company

This is a home-based business which creates ideas that will increase savings on energy in homes and vehicles. These new products can increase job offers in this region and beyond. The Winona Company is comprised of 11 products, the most prominent being the Propel Forward. This device will help to move vehicles forward using captured air to generate energy. It will also allow you to charge the battery for an electric engine so that you will not need to charge it daily, and it will increase mileage on all engines.

Executive Summary for Winona Company

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Natural Organic Process Enterprises LLC

Natural Organic Process Enterprises (NOPE) has established itself in a niche market within the waste industry. Organic waste recycling has proven to be a growing trend in our area, and is part of a comprehensive sustainability plan. Organic waste could be defined as anything that once lived or grew, however we focus primarily on food waste. One of our specialties is to provide the logistical know how for companies and institutions who support organic recycling.

We provide necessary instruction and materials to our partners, and offer support following the initial start of the program. As part of our service, we schedule, and provide small batch collection in a timely and efficient manner. This method is crucial, and provides proper oversight for potential contamination to the load. We then provide transport to a fully accredited compost facility.

Organics recycling is something that can be done RIGHT NOW to help our environment. Not only does organic recycling conserve space in our landfills, but it also contributes to a reduction of greenhouse gases. Another significant benefit is a reduction to your regular waste volume. This can be reflected in a smaller bill from your waste hauler. Often times food waste can be some of the heaviest items in the waste stream. Another cost benefit comes with the fact that that because our customers have better oversight of what is being disposed of, they are able to control their inventories more efficiently.

The OGX emblem is a recognizable symbol of active participation in an Organic Recycling Program

Executive Summary for N.O.P.E.

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Twice East, llc

As a residential property services provider, Twice East, llc designs, installs, and maintains rain harvesting systems and purposeful landscapes in central Virginia. Rain systems are designed to adequately provide water for lawn, landscape, garden, and personal use without damaging visual appeal. Landscape designs include rain gardens, vegetated walls, vegetated roofs, and inner-city plantscapes as well as traditional landscaping. The company is focused by the prism of sustainability to locally address global issues. Customers enjoy a more self-sufficient residence while saving costs on utilities, avoiding watering restrictions and perhaps obtaining credits from stormwater runoff fees.

Executive Summary for Twice East LLC

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Net Metering Incorporated

The EPA estimates US energy waste at $60,000,000,000 annually. With continuous cost escalation and increasing capitalization rates, the market demands a web based energy control system. NMI has the solution and sales are increasing 30% per week.

Our web based platform leverages continuous energy data availability to immediately identify and reduce energy waste. Our solution is highly scalable and poised to be rolled out nationwide with appropriate financial backing.

Our marketing is primarily word of mouth but we have the blueprint to launch regional marketing campaigns upon funding.

NMI has a verifiable record of immediate carbon reduction, immediate and permanent energy savings.

See us at

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