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FlipBit Maker Co

We’re a group of makers and designers that met at HackRVA in Richmond. We focus on creating novel objects for 21st century learning.

We’ve invented a binary digital abacus, known as the FlipBit, to teach the binary number system. The FlipBit is an abacus with a single magnetic bead on each of eight rods, or “bits”, that react with sensors inside the abacus frame. A digital screen displays ASCII, hexadecimal, and decimal conversions corresponding to the position of the “bits”. There are also games about binary mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, and boolean operations.

Understanding binary is a core idea for technologists and engineers. The FlipBit offers a hands-on approach to learning for young people by mixing an ancient counting tool with the real time feedback of a digital screen. We’ve seen kids learn binary in less than 30 minutes playing with the FlipBit.

The FlipBit is built on the Arduino platform and will be an opensource hardware product making it possible for users to modify the FlipBit as well as create their own games.

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OSBRP (One Shady Back Road Please) seeks to shed light on the less romanticized career and life opportunities available to persons of the high school and college age group through our website (under construction). We intend to go places people normally lack the time or money to travel to, converse with uncommon people from unique and diverse career fields, and ask the questions that people genuinely wonder about, but are usually not appropriate to ask in conventional settings. Ultimately we seek to offer insight on what is “out of sight”, and do so by providing in-depth video interviews combined with informational articles that resonate with our cohorts.

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Green Apple

Green Apple provides a secure intranet network that works in concert with an application to limit users from accessing unapproved internet and texting in classrooms. The app enables engagement of various learning styles and connects professors and TA’s directly with students. The professor no longer has to compete with the internet for a student’s attention. The app works as a role-taking device. The professor does not have to waste time tracking large groups of students. By signing in, the student’s device will only allow phone calls and professor-approved content available on the intranet.

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EdConnective’s goal is to foster great teaching in every classroom for at-risk students. Highly effective teachers accelerate student achievement by multiple grade levels in a single year but most teachers don’t have the supports needed to become highly effective. Urban districts spend 1-8% of their total operating budget on teacher improvement services to address teacher quality, yet this money is largely wasted on ineffective services. EdConnective provides individual observation, feedback, and coaching for K-12 teachers, using a high-impact methodology that helps teachers become more effective. Teachers record their instruction and upload it to my off-site coaches who provide intensive support

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EcoHelp, LLC

3rd Party Health inspector. Helping small food business serve safe food . Offering inspections and coaching of management and staff in day to day operations.
I have 20 years experience in the industry, this was born as I witnessed large chains have this service available to them. So this small business is available to small business

This service will get the staff in the habits needed to protect the brand and negative press.
When the health department does come for inspection, no one will freak out causing mistakes that don’t normally happen. They will have experience being inspected.

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In a world made up of multiple choice, education remains black and white, failing to see the many shades of gray. Current systems assess the accuracy of a question but never stop to evaluate where students lose their way, or how far they’ve come. CLUE, or Classroom Learner User Experience, is an education driven endeavor that uses organically cultivated student feedback to discover learner opportunities. By intuitively applying data from learner experiences, CLUE seeks to discover new instructional methods of evaluating a student’s level of understanding. These new approaches can be used to better reach students and diversify classroom learning.

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Adam’s Philosophy

What is “ADAM’S PHILOSOPHY”- “The Beginning of the “BEST”

This is who we are! We are just what you need to create, educate, train and problem solve your personal, program or business needs. We have over 15 years of experience. The Business has provided services for The Department of Health, The VA Fatherhood Campaign, Local Community Centers, Richmond Public Schools and Good Will Employment Centers to name just a few. All of these endeavors have provided quite a return on time invested. Our new premier program is called “The Ambassador Institute.” We are finding that students and families are not prepared; students are not successfully meeting their education goals! Making the right college selection is essential to getting that job and making your career choice a reality! We are here to help. The Ambassador Institute “AI” Our educational Program brings 15 years of Trio and Higher educational experience! Assistance with choosing a college, Assistance with college admission forms, Assistance in getting financial aid, especially grants and work study, Career Work Shops, Career Speakers, Touring and Mentoring, College Visits, and SAT/ACT Workshops. What makes us unique is that our services go beyond basics. We educate on “How to get the money the Schools say they don’t have”, How to map my career choice”, and “how to become a Master Student.’ These are just a few of the special insights we are able to present. We have done presentations for Richmond Schools and our research has indicated that these services are in demand by all schools. We have already established a strong network with public and private institutions’.

If we were to receive this grant, it would allow this business to provide many more of these services for youth and underfunded organizations.

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In America today, there is almost $1 trillion in student debt outstanding. But for the most part, college students all get the same, one-size fits all loan policy subsidized by the federal government. SchoolFund is an independent marketplace that allows backers to invest in students who receive loans on their own terms. Hard working students can secure better rates by maintaining a top GPA, while budding entrepreneurs can select longer repayment periods customized to their situation. Backers will be provided pertinent information such as the student’s school, area of study, GPA, and mission statement to judge credit worthiness. SchoolFund will open up a new market to investors, while improving the student loan experience for those seeking a higher education.

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Rapid Peer Review

University professors are one of our nation’s fastest growing occupations. The “publish or perish” mandate requires professors at research universities to publish their work in peer reviewed journals or lose their jobs. However, the journal review process can sometimes take up to two years for an article to get through the cycles of submission, feedback and resubmission before a manuscript is accepted for publication. Rapid Peer Review is a transformational web-based service that utilizes a special algorithm to match authors who wish to submit articles with verified expert peer reviewers who can provide critical up-front feedback significantly cutting the time an article spends in the journal pipeline. Why wait several months to receive valuable, time sensitive feedback from peers in your field when it could take as little as a few days? Now authors can get their articles published faster while expert peer reviewers earn extra income. Rapid Peer Review combines the latest web technology with the power of social media to solve an existing problem for many while creating opportunity for others to capitalize on their expertise, all the while creating a social benefit by improving the speed of knowledge dissemination – a triple win. To grow the customer base, Rapid Peer Review will integrate online peer-to-peer marketing efforts with conventional business development activities.

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First Responder Prep LLC

Many existing chemical weapons may be identified by their unique odor. Using the best rub-for-scent technology available, I developed a training kit consisting of 8 scented chemical weapons ID cards. It is a new, innovative and important life safety training tool for first responders and scene managers, and is the first and only training product utilizing scent association technology for chemical weapon identification.

Cards will be marketed via the internet, YouTube, trade shows and presentations, and mailers. We will be marketing our product to local, state and federal emergency management officials, as well as overseas governments.

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Divine Advocates

Divine Advocates, DA, is a special education consulting and advocacy firm that seeks to create community coalitions by encouraging, educating, and empowering all community stakeholders regarding their ability to be effective advocates in the pursuit of academic, social, economic, vocational, physical, and emotional well being of the community at large.

DA focuses on providing services to diverse populations that may not otherwise have the resources to access this level of support to establish meaningful partnerships that focus on meeting the needs of the entire community, especially communities struggling to support families with special needs.

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Winning The Training Game

If you have ever experienced ‘death by power point’ or ‘snooze by lecture’ you will be excited to learn of an innovative tool that takes training to the next level! If you have ever received or produced training, you know that the trend over the last several years has been to put people – isolated and stranded – in front of a computer screen.  Now –  finally – a paradigm shift in training!

Winning The Training Game is an oversized board game (literally four feet by five feet) that brings people back together to learn.  Everything about the game is big:  big dice – big playing pieces – big cards – big board. 8 -12 people play together. Players will answer tough questions, formulate approaches, uncover strengths and share best practices. Unlike board games of your childhood, participants play in teams, so collaboration and creative thinking, flourish.

In the game, a team lands on a question square and are then asked one of the 130 questions. The game becomes an assessment tool unlike anything you have experienced as teams work together to answer challenging scenarios and express positions.  An example of a typical question: “Name three ways you can keep yourself motivated.”  A judge then decides the value of the answer and rewards with ‘big bucks’.  Insightful answers are provided for the game facilitator and 30 blank cards are included for an organization to add its own questions.  The game can be used again and again for hours of valuable training Focused engagement and knowledge injection and increased retention are some key takeaways.

This innovative system can be used in every possible setting from the classroom to the boardroom.  It can be administered as a large corporate team building or on boarding session as well as sustained scheduled sessions with small groups or classes.  It can also be customized to fit any curriculum in a school setting as well as injected with corporate strategy and methodology for sustaining the mission and goals of the company.


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Play In School – College Bus Tours

Play In School is in the business of helping student athletes achieve their dreams of playing their sport in college.

For competitive high school athletes that want to play their chosen sport in college, there are no lack of scouting/recruiting events. In fact, most athletes spends countless weekends at showcases around the region or country playing in front of coaches.

What is lacking is the time to actually SEE a variety of schools.

Play In School – College Bus Tours makes it as easy as possible to see a ton of schools in a short amount of time. Not only will the athletes see the schools, but the tours will be given by the coaching staff of each school! These trips are designed to give the athlete a broader knowledge base in order to figure out what they are looking for out of a college. Thus helping them target market specific types of schools that they may want to attend.

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igor (egor) is an acronym for Interactive Gaming Organized Rewards.
We at igor believe that gamification can be used as a solution
to many of the problems found in society today. Our mission is
to use an incentive based system that reward individuals for
completing goals, making even the most mundane tasks feel
like fun.

Using basic game mechanics coupled with core educational values, we are able to address and solve important issues found within the education system. Interactive learning is the most effective teaching method known, so through the power of gaming we plan to make a positive impact on education.

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Juice Box Architects

Juice Box Architects is a pint-sized business that helps children explore concepts of math, science, and social studies in a creative and sometimes messy manner. From building towers out of gumdrops making an inhabitable structure with newspaper rolls, Juice Boxers are interactive, forward-thinking learners. We have story time, we act out architecture, and we reinforce our learning concepts through two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects. Juice Box travels to schools and daycare centers leading workshops and classes that use hands-on, visual learning techniques to explore concepts of scale, structure, and design in a fun and freethinking environment.

Executive Summary for Juice Box Architects

For more information, go to

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At The Table Enterprises, LLC

At The Table Enterprises, LLC wants to teach you how to cook! If you already know how, then we want to help you become a better cook and learn meal planning, budgeting, and entertaining.
Our lessons are inspired by our work with local agencies to provide culinary and financial education to members of our community in need. While remaining committed to this segment, we are seeking to expand our offerings to include special interest cooking and group training exercises.
Students have credited us with increasing their confidence and changing their household economics. Our methods are simple, effective, and enjoyable!

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CompanyBright, Inc. – Video!

Businesses have a hard time finding trained employees. Even the most qualified people need ongoing instruction in changing technology. Each year businesses spend over $100 billion on employee training. Most of this training is expensive, inconvenient and ineffective. CompanyBright will change that by allowing the best trainers to make their material available online to businesses of all sizes. Managers can assign courses to associates on a wide variety of subjects and then track and record their progress. Training increases productivity, ensures consistent quality, and contributes to employee development. CompanyBright will bring those benefits to a whole new class of businesses.

Check out this video from CompanyBright Inc.

Executive Summary for CompanyBright Inc.

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Richmond Young Writers – Video!

Richmond Young Writers is ready for a permanent home! Our programs introduce young people to the joy of creative writing through workshops taught by professional writers in the community. For the last three years, all after-school programs and summer sessions have been hosted by the ever-generous Chop Suey Books, but as the support and need for our services expand, we find ourselves in need of our own central nook where the wild creativity can keep growing. The vision for our permanent space builds upon our current offerings, including writing samplers, genre-specific workshops, free programs, and a quirky spin on community engagement (think staring contest fundraisers and local biz ping pong battles).

Like San Francisco’s 826 Valencia (, Richmond Young Writers focuses on helping kids develop a dynamic, powerful relationship with words. We reach students ages 8-17 via school systems and community events like our annual write-your-heart-out marathon, and our programs have served hundreds of kids from Richmond, Henrico, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Montpelier, Powhatan, Moseley, Mechanicsville, Afton, Rockville and Gloucester. We also raise money to provide scholarships so that any and all students can participate.

A permanent space will provide the much-needed platform for Richmond Young Writers to bloom into a full-force writing adventure for kids in central Virginia.

Check out this video from Richmond Young Writers

Be sure to follow Richmond Young Writers at and @RVAYoungWriters (twitter)

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The Language Lyceum

In this age of increasing international travel and global concerns, mastering a foreign language is essential to professional career growth as well as satisfying on a personal level. The Language Lyceum is an important next step in Richmond’s progression toward becoming an international business community. It is being designed as a stand-alone school, with classes for students of all ages from pre-school to adult. Native and local teachers will be trained in a new, European method which is fun, interactive, and effective, and complements in-school and corporate training programs. The Language Lyceum’s co-founders are already planning a Summer International Institute in 2013 to be hosted at a Richmond school. By Fall 2013, The Language Lyceum will have expanded to weekend and evening workshops and, eventually, to year-round classes at its own location. A brochure is in the works and will be marketed this fall to schools and corporations via the press, advertising, social media, and speaking engagements.

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