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About i.e.*

In June 2011, the Greater Richmond Chamber launched the i.e.* movement to transform this city from a civil-war attraction into a nationally renowned hotbed of creative talent.  We subscribe to the notion that the best and the brightest people and companies are attracted to the most innovative cities.

At the i.e.* launch event in June 2011, we exchanged ideas with innovators on the front lines of their industries. We heard some weird stories. We learned about invention. We learned about reinvention. We shared our stories. We made something the world has never seen.  We became inspired, motivated and energized. We became proud(er) of our town.

Afterward, we’ve kept the momentum going with Shop Classes, Bar Talks, The Entrepreneurial Trilogy, and there’s lots more to come!

In August 2012, RVA was voted one of the “Top Ten Most Underrated Hotbeds of American Innovation,” based in large part on the media frenzy of our i.e.* Entrepreneurial Trilogy that attracted national attention and caught the eye of Fast Company!  We are on our way RVA!

We made people in Richmond hopeful!  We were named 2nd on a short 5-item list in a article,
Five Ways 2011 Made Us Hopeful About RVA’s Future.

Get involved! If you would like to become a partner, contact Chrystal Neal, (804) 783-9310.


What is i.e.*?

The Richmond region is home to a diverse and vibrant community. Every day, in our garages and laboratories, studios and galleries around town, the RVA Creative Class creates impactful, creative and innovative solutions across all disciplines. i.e.* is a galvanizing initiative to launch Richmond into the limelight and over time, put us on the map for innovative excellence.

We seek out the people working passionately to change the world, and invite them to share that passion for the greater good. We shine a spotlight on known and unknown talent in our region in order to bolster support for their work while showing the world what a unique place Richmond is.

By celebrating Richmond’s unique abilities, we will create a local culture supportive of uncommon thinking which will drive successive innovation.

i.e.* offers  the individual the chance to rediscover your city.
What if there’s more to this place than any of us thought? Let’s be proud to be part of something unique, and let’s show it to the world.

i.e.* offers businesses discover visionary, ground-breaking talent in any industry.
i.e.* is a lens to see what’s beyond the now, to see what’s coming up next.

i.e.* offers  the World a fresh perspective.
Richmond’s Creative Class is on the pulse of everything NEXT. Richmond is as brag-worthy as any big city, with the community of a small town.

i.e.* strives to connect Richmond’s existing creative resources in order to synthesize and focus multiple perspectives towards a common goal: Richmond’s legacy of creative innovation.

In highlighting current sources of new thinking, i.e.* hopes to encourage new innovation and help speed the pace and exponentially grow new thinking.  By amplifying local talent, we make great ideas accessible while branding Richmond with what we already do best. i.e.* leads the charge to put great ideas in the right hands to affect more people, improve lives and benefit the greater good.



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