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Autotalky is an application that has been developed to do predictive trend diagnostics in cars. It has opened the possibility... Read the rest


A milkman-type service for growlers of local craft beer. This would be an opportunity for Richmond breweries to get their... Read the rest

Before3, Inc...

Before3 is a proximity-based services business. Our lead product is Before3 (the App), which connects those looking – for all... Read the rest


BrewHouse takes home beer brewing to the next level and the home-brewer out of the home! BrewHouse is a warehouse... Read the rest


BrushForGood’s vision is for every person to have personal hygiene and health items. We’re starting with an item so basic... Read the rest

Buskey Cider..

Buskey Cider will bring its dry canned and keg draft ciders to the Richmond market this fall. Test batches are... Read the rest

Certified Auto Rentals, Incorporated – C.A.R.S, Inc...

Certified Auto Rentals, Inc. “C.AR.S, Inc” is a premier carshare service provider in the Richmond-metro region. Convenience, affordability and flexibility... Read the rest


Anyone can code. Every Virginia child should have the opportunity to learn. CodeVA began with Christopher and Rebecca Dovi, two... Read the rest

Confluence Coffee Co...

Confluence Coffee Co. is changing the way that people think about coffee. By merging the ready-to-drink coffee and craft beer... Read the rest

Conscious Decor..

Conscious Decor is beauty and well-being working hand in hand. We have created luxury pillows that are adorned with different... Read the rest

Creative Dramatics for 21st Century Learners..

Play Production/Children’s Theatre, that is, the process of production through plays written for and performed by children. Over the past... Read the rest

Cuddle RVA..

Cuddle RVA is Richmond’s first professional cuddling salon, providing soothing touch and platonic companionship in a calm, relaxing environment, to... Read the rest


Cycul Laundry is Richmond’s locally owned, earth-friendly wash & fold valet laundry solution. Our weekly laundry service includes free pick-up,... Read the rest

Eat Smart..

Eat Smart Now is a weekly meal subscription plan for busy people who want to eat well. Using fresh, healthy,... Read the rest


EXP CULTURE is all that any aspiring dancer needs to learn dance. Briefly, EXP CULTURE is an instructional media platform... Read the rest


Name of App: FM Find Music live and local Mission: To connect local musicians with local music lovers Well known... Read the rest


The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the burgeoning Richmond “start-up” movement. A difficult roadblock many start-ups face is... Read the rest

Fresh Assist..

Fresh Assist is an all-natural backside cleaner that helps you Get Clean In-Between™. It’s an environmentally friendly, natural, cleansing, soothing,... Read the rest

Ginger Juice..

Ginger Juice is Richmond’s only cold-pressed juice bottler! Our mission is simple: to nourish the souls of our customers with... Read the rest

Gracie’s Place..

Caterer’s Kitchen The Caterer for busy people on the Go!! A unique dining experience that you will truly enjoy. I... Read the rest

H.O.O.D. Brothers LLC..

H.O.O.D. Brothers LLC was founded February 20, 2015, originally started as a music group based out of Elliot Chelsea Projects... Read the rest


From processed foods to 60 hour work weeks, our societal design makes it INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to stay healthy. Because unhealthy... Read the rest

Impact Insurance Agency..

Impact Insurance Agency transforms people’s everyday insurance needs into an asset for the community. We are a Certified B Corporation... Read the rest

IT Tech SS .LLC..

We are a young team of graduates who provide Managed IT Services, Computer Network Support and Maintenance, Custom Web Application... Read the rest

Kittens and Cream..

Kittens and Cream is an ice cream parlor and purrfect spot for cat lovers and ice cream lovers alike. Inspired... Read the rest

Let’s Nosh..

Hand crafted desserts made with love. All gluten free and dairy free desserts.... Read the rest


Life.Markers, LLC, aka “LM,” is a start-up technology company in Fredericksburg, VA, established in 2014 to serve the military community.... Read the rest

Little Boxes Lunch Company..

When did packing kids’ lunches get so hard? Between picky eaters, allergy sensitive facilities, and busy lives it has become... Read the rest

Live to Serve..

Live to Serve is an online platform that brings consumers, businesses, and non-profits together all in the name of serving... Read the rest

Love is the Answer Theater..

Finally, a fresh new and exciting way to improve your relationship, marriage, and live with purpose. Love is the Answer... Read the rest

Marilyn & Michelle..

Marilyn and Michelle is a company that creates comfort products for women with breast issues like surgery and nursing mothers.... Read the rest

MedNav, Inc...

MedNav is a location-based mobile health app built to provide patients real-time information and access to healthcare providers in their... Read the rest


Membermoose ( makes it easy to start a subscription business. Whether you are just getting started with an “of the... Read the rest


Mymorial is a concept for a web-based service that helps you design, curate, and present your own life story in... Read the rest

News Network Jr..

You might be an NPR junky when your 8year old gets in the car and asks you to turn on... Read the rest

Officionado LLC..

We’ve all seen it, right? You’re in a meeting with busy professionals and, you notice at least one whose padfolio... Read the rest


Painless1099 ( is a new service for helping freelancers save for tax season. Painless1099 opens an online bank account for... Read the rest


PartyRVA provides everything needed to create memorable private parties and events. It exclusively supports local, non-franchised businesses only found in... Read the rest

Pudding Please..

Trailing the Craft Beer Movement by a couple of years, the Craft Food Movement is ramping up in Richmond and... Read the rest

Richmond Rides Bicycle Tours..

Richmond Rides Bicycle Tours offers bicycle sightseeing tours of Church Hill. The past 6 months we’ve given BYOB (bring your... Read the rest

River City Food Tours..

River City Food Tours aims to bring high-quality culinary experiences to Richmond residents and visitors through food tours and other... Read the rest

River City Romance..

River City Romance is Richmond’s only dating consulting company helping singles find love! Based on hundreds of hours of research... Read the rest

Savvy Consulting Group..

Savvy Consulting Group is an organization committed to the empowerment of women in the workplace (and beyond). We believe it... Read the rest


Web security testing software relies on tests or “checks” to identify vulnerable web site software. These checks help companies identify... Read the rest

Social Light..

Engage yourself or your local business in your community like never before. Meet and make new friends in person. Freshly... Read the rest

Storebook.. is a social network of social networks of stores created by our individual members. Storebook is created to help... Read the rest


Over the last decade, volunteerism in the US has dropped significantly. In 2014, 62.8M people volunteered in the US with... Read the rest

Texas Beach Llc..

Texas Beach was launched at the beginning of December 2014, providing it’s flagship product, Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix. The... Read the rest


Transfer is an iPhone app for money management that focuses on leveraging new iOS8 functionality to deliver convenient financial information... Read the rest

UVest Solar..

UVest Solar connects mission-driven, investment-minded people to solar energy projects in their communities. As an online crowdfunding platform, UVest brings... Read the rest

Vibeats.. provides a visceral experience of personalized recommendations by delivering curated, high definition photography on a mobile platform, all powered... Read the rest

Virginia Sports Management and Recruitment Service..

Virginia Sports Management, also known as (VASM), a Sports Management started by Evelyn M. Johnson, Advisor and General Manager. VASM... Read the rest


We have all seen things in our neighborhoods and communities that need to change. From the yield sign that should... Read the rest


WatchForChange is a cause-driven lifestyle brand inspired by a simple idea to: Look Good, Do Good, and Share Good. As... Read the rest

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