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2015 i.e.* Startup Competition Finalists


Region’s Best Startup Finalists

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Before3, Inc...

Before3 is a proximity-based services business. Our lead product is Before3 (the App), which connects those looking – for all... Read the rest

Ginger Juice..

Ginger Juice is Richmond’s only cold-pressed juice bottler! Our mission is simple: to nourish the souls of our customers with... Read the rest

Marilyn & Michelle..

Marilyn and Michelle is a company that creates comfort products for women with breast issues like surgery and nursing mothers.... Read the rest

MedNav, Inc...

MedNav is a location-based mobile health app built to provide patients real-time information and access to healthcare providers in their... Read the rest


PartyRVA provides everything needed to create memorable private parties and events. It exclusively supports local, non-franchised businesses only found in... Read the rest

Richmond Rides Bicycle Tours..

Richmond Rides Bicycle Tours offers bicycle sightseeing tours of Church Hill. The past 6 months we’ve given BYOB (bring your... Read the rest


Web security testing software relies on tests or “checks” to identify vulnerable web site software. These checks help companies identify... Read the rest


Region’s Best Social Innovation Startup Finalists

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BrushForGood’s vision is for every person to have personal hygiene and health items. We’re starting with an item so basic... Read the rest


Anyone can code. Every Virginia child should have the opportunity to learn. CodeVA began with Christopher and Rebecca Dovi, two... Read the rest

News Network Jr..

You might be an NPR junky when your 8year old gets in the car and asks you to turn on... Read the rest


Over the last decade, volunteerism in the US has dropped significantly. In 2014, 62.8M people volunteered in the US with... Read the rest

UVest Solar..

UVest Solar connects mission-driven, investment-minded people to solar energy projects in their communities. As an online crowdfunding platform, UVest brings... Read the rest


We have all seen things in our neighborhoods and communities that need to change. From the yield sign that should... Read the rest


WatchForChange is a cause-driven lifestyle brand inspired by a simple idea to: Look Good, Do Good, and Share Good. As... Read the rest

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