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  • MemberMoose


    Category: High Tech

    MemberMoose knows that the easier it is for customers to pay, the easier it is for businesses to focus on growing their customer base and the more profitable businesses will become. Small business owners work hard to provide a good product or service to their customers only to face the challenges of tracking down late payments and trying to convert one time customers into repeat business. With the growing demand for online bill payments, many customers prefer to set up recurring payments when given the option. The problem is that recurring payment solutions are typically something that only large organizations are able to afford or have the technical resources to implement. As a result, big companies are able to spend their time acquiring more customers while their small business counterparts are busy trying to collect from their existing customers. Our recurring subscription platform requires no technical knowledge and is an affordable solution that gives businesses and organizations the tools to create recurring subscriptions so they can focus on growing their business by converting one time customers into loyal members and reliable income. Artisans, small business owners, and membership organizations are able to set up recurring payments in minutes with MemberMoose!

  • g33k3d-online

    G33K3D Industries

    Category: High Tech

    G33K3D Online allows a player to sell virtual currency earned in one game through our online auction house to another player for cash-credit. The credit the player receives is then used to purchase virtual currency in another video game, or to purchase DLC and new games. G33K3D Online will allow gamers who have time but not money to buy new games and also allow gamers who have money but not time to continue to play the games they love. The G33K3D Online software is free for gamers to download and access. G33K3D Industries generates revenue through advertising and transaction fees.


    Who's Up Games, LLC

    Category: High Tech

    Our mission is to eliminate paper signup lists for real-life recreational games by creating a series of mobile apps that allow players to easily connect to a game, signup to play, and receive instant alerts through their mobile device when it’s their turn. Who’s Up? Beer Pong is currently available for iOS and coming soon for Android. We plan to release Who’s Up? Cornhole next, and other apps to follow. Our apps are the first to use push notification and location services to help find, organize & enhance real-life recreational games. We primarily use social media and word-of-mouth for marketing.

  • speedguardlogo

    Speed Guard

    Category: High Tech

    Speed Guard is a device that uses the data that everyday driving produces in order to promote safety on the road. Through a mobile application (via Bluetooth), the device allows the vehicle owner to dynamically control the maximum speed that the car may travel based on the current speed limit, and other customizable settings. Speed Guard is desirable for parents of teen drivers, fleet owners, car sharers, and those who want to reduce their risk of costly speeding tickets. Will market to consumers interested in child safety and limiting the liability of their fleet. Will partner with insurance companies for Speed Guard customer discounts. One of the secondary benefits of Speed Guard will be the vehicle monitoring system, which will read check engine signals and alert vehicle owner of necessary maintenance and performance issues - some that drain fuel economy.  Not only do these alerts replace costly mechanic visits ($45 to run diagnostics alone), but they provide suggestions for local mechanics. There are a myriad of other opportunities to unlock from the vehicle data to provide great features to customers and value propositions to partners. Speed Guard is the entry level into smart driving technology. More info is available at

  • Rapidus iPhone Screens web

    Rapidus - Making Grocery Shopping Suck Less

    Category: High Tech

    Rapidus was created to save you from the frustrating and time-consuming process of grocery shopping. Have you ever walked through an entire grocery store only to realize that what you were looking for is nowhere to be found? Do you hate waiting in long checkout lines or using an error-prone self-checkout terminal? Stop wasting countless hours in the routine of grocery shopping, and cut your shopping time in half by using Rapidus! Our mobile application allows you to scan items into a virtual shopping cart and seamlessly pay for them via a mobile payment with a click of a button - allowing you to walk right by the checkout lines on your way out the door. NEVER WAIT IN LINE AGAIN! We understand that not everyone can make it to the grocery store. Maybe you are time-crunched because of a growing family, are ill, or simply too busy. Wouldn't you love to have chicken noodle soup and cold medicine delivered right to your door when you're sick? Future versions will include an online ordering capability that will have your items ready for pick up at the store or delivered to your home. Rapidus gives you the power to shop on your own terms, so what are you waiting for? Rapidus Virtual Demo:

  • MakeMore-logo


    Category: High Tech

    The maker movement -- ranging from electronics, robotics and 3-D printing to arts and crafts, woodworking and metalworking -- has experienced dynamic growth and represents a $1B market. Yet despite this growth, services haven’t kept pace and makers still have to spend 20 - 40% of their time on activities outside of "making". Etsy and Inventables target discrete groups with discrete services, but makers want one place to: * Connect and collaborate with other makers in real time * Find providers and complete secure transactions with designers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers * Access relevant online resources in one place * Learn from other makers and successful entrepreneurs MakeMore does this by providing a community- driven makerplace. Reaching early adopters through (mostly) inbound and (only high impact) outbound channels will be key to quickly develop a critical mass of makers and providers.

  • Apps Richmond

    Category: High Tech

    Mobile apps are huge! But there's a problem... Popular apps become more popular crowding out new players. How can a new app rise above the crowd? Apps Richmond uses a development process pioneered by Berry Gordy's Motown, which had 79, Billboard Top Ten records in the 1960’s. Apps Richmond will replicate that level of success by: 1) Developing a talented team via profit sharing 2) A "fail fast" process to filter out non-hits 3) Delaying the costly development steps until the very end 4) Releasing apps on a predictable schedule 5) Leveraging successful apps to market others

  • Lumiary-Logo

    Lumiary, LLC

    Category: High Tech

    Lumiary enables small eCommerce companies to market more effectively. We help them understand results and act accordingly. Most online marketing companies focus on enterprise customers, thus leaving independent companies with inadequate services. Our customers make high quality, creative products and can grow sales rapidly by employing a simple marketing plan. But most smaller companies struggle to develop actionable plans because they have limited time and resources. Lumiary's simple tools empower them to build a plan and grow sales. The founders of Lumiary come from and Discovery Communications.

  • Virtual Clinic

    Category: High Tech

    I want to create a website and an App where patients can connect with doctors and other patients for guidance and objective advice and referrals about specific health issues. I have been through serious health issues recently, and social media saved my life. I was unable to get proper referrals or advice from the dozens of doctors I saw on the east coast. I had to turn to social media and patient sites to find recommendations for specialists, and eventually to raise money to fly to Stanford, because I had spent all my money going to the wrong places for a year. I hope that a Virtual Clinic will be a place that doctors can give advice and referrals to specialists without personal repercussions they might experience by referring outside their local hospitals or community. I have been active on many patient social media sites for the past ten years, and I see that this service is sorely needed in a centralized way. I would like to organize it like a hospital with all the departments, which would encourage collaboration between specialties - another aspect that is lacking greatly in medicine today.

  • mySound_logo


    Category: High Tech

    mySound is an online music recommendation service that allows the user to go behind-the-scenes to modify their taste preferences. We use machine learning to analyze and identify key song features. This will be used in conjunction with a music player app for Google Glass on the Android platform. This app will allow the user to verbally navigate through their music in order to give the consumer the control to create a more personal music experience by instantly interacting with music using hands-free technology. We aim to give individuals the freedom to decide their own musical journey.

  • Childcare App (name TBD)

    Category: High Tech

    Backpacks and diaper bags filled with snacks, meds, permission slips and daily reports. Out the door by 7:15am. At the office by 8:00am. The mental checklist of the working mom. 10:00am and she’s distracted, wondering about her girls at daycare, followed by the familiar guilt. And even the best of childcare centers are having trouble keeping pace with technology and communication needs of today’s parents. Enter our intuitive mobile app- connecting parents and centers in real time via smart phone.  Saving time, paper, and guilt with the added feature of a parent coach for advice and support.

  • spendshare-logo_700x250px


    Category: High Tech





    Banks, retailers, and others have lots of data about their customers – and they want to create value from it.


    Marketers want put this data to use -- to better customize and target offers – and to measure marketing performance.


    However, there’s three challenges:

    1)    Most consumers use multiple cards to pay and purchase similar items at more than one store

    2)    Marketers want to a complete view into spending – and confidence that there aren’t blind spots

    3)    Consumers are concerned – and rightly so – about their private details being sold


    SpendShare builds data marketplaces – essentially “eBay for data”-- that turn these challenges into a win-win. 


    Using our platform, marketers buy data from multiple data suppliers.  We reassemble the piece parts into a whole view for marketers, earning a fee on each data exchange. 


    Marketers use our products to understand how consumers shop and buy – across competitors.  


    These insights help them refine their targeting which, in turns leads to better performing ads, increased sales and happier customers.            


    The data we receive is always anonymous – and we never exchange any individual consumer’s data. 


    Our products describe the average spending across small groups of anonymous but analytically similar consumers.


    Just over 100 days in, we have pending patents, a prototype in the cloud and an active client pipeline for our beta. 


    Our team has deep data science, marketing analytics and related technology experience.


    There’s a lot of similar talent in Richmond -- making us excited about RVA’s opportunity to become a destination. 


    Let us know what you think by tweeting with the tag #RVA Big Data.






  • logo-TenantTurner-stacked-277x190

    Tenant Turner

    Category: High Tech

    There are over 100 million renters in the US and the overwhelming majority have to fill out paper applications and mail their monthly rent checks. Thats because there are few tools available to help  property owners and their applicants take the rental process online. Tenant Turner is evolving the tenant acquisition, screening, and management processes for independent property owners and managers. We find, score,  and screen prospective renters so part-time landlords can fill vacancies fast with higher quality tenants. Renters enjoy the efficiencies Tenant Turner provides even after they move in by paying rent electronically and managing maintenance requests from their phones. To learn how Tenant Turner is helping rental property owners and managers find better tenants faster, check out our company summary. To learn more about Tenant Turner or to sign up for a free account, go to

  • sogood

    The SoGood

    Category: High Tech

    The SoGood is a premium network of the best local businesses where discovery is driven by people you trust. Both consumers and small businesses rely on word-of-mouth to discover and to be discovered, but there is no targeted, easy channel to share and receive these recommendations. Furthermore, available local discovery platforms lack curation and leave consumers sorting through massive amounts of listings reviewed by anonymous users. We offer users and businesses a more premium, personalized experience to discover local by providing a mobile app that is curated, highly visual, and social. Through our app, you can easily see the landscaper that your neighbor uses or the floral designer that a celebrity event planner recommends. We launched in beta in mid-December 2013 in two small test markets: Charlotte, NC & Charleston, SC. (Richmond, VA will be opening this spring.)  We have signed up over 200 high-quality business customers and have forged partnerships with a number of "tastemakers" including celebrity event planner Tara Guérard and Vogue Contributor Julia Reed. Tastemakers assist with market curation, user acquisition, and seed our platform with compelling content.  Our team is comprised of a Wharton/McKinsey alum, a successful entrepreneur (founder and an engineer. Download our mobile app on any iPhone or iPad and visit out website at

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