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  • FlipBit-Maker-Co1

    FlipBit Maker Co

    Category: Education

    We're a group of makers and designers that met at HackRVA in Richmond. We focus on creating novel objects for 21st century learning. We've invented a binary digital abacus, known as the FlipBit, to teach the binary number system. The FlipBit is an abacus with a single magnetic bead on each of eight rods, or "bits", that react with sensors inside the abacus frame. A digital screen displays ASCII, hexadecimal, and decimal conversions corresponding to the position of the "bits". There are also games about binary mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, and boolean operations. Understanding binary is a core idea for technologists and engineers. The FlipBit offers a hands-on approach to learning for young people by mixing an ancient counting tool with the real time feedback of a digital screen. We've seen kids learn binary in less than 30 minutes playing with the FlipBit. The FlipBit is built on the Arduino platform and will be an opensource hardware product making it possible for users to modify the FlipBit as well as create their own games.

  • IMG_8390


    Category: Education

    OSBRP (One Shady Back Road Please) seeks to shed light on the less romanticized career and life opportunities available to persons of the high school and college age group through our website (under construction). We intend to go places people normally lack the time or money to travel to, converse with uncommon people from unique and diverse career fields, and ask the questions that people genuinely wonder about, but are usually not appropriate to ask in conventional settings. Ultimately we seek to offer insight on what is "out of sight", and do so by providing in-depth video interviews combined with informational articles that resonate with our cohorts.

  • Green-apple-logo

    Green Apple

    Category: Education

    Green Apple provides a secure intranet network that works in concert with an application to limit users from accessing unapproved internet and texting in classrooms. The app enables engagement of various learning styles and connects professors and TA’s directly with students. The professor no longer has to compete with the internet for a student's attention. The app works as a role-taking device. The professor does not have to waste time tracking large groups of students. By signing in, the student's device will only allow phone calls and professor-approved content available on the intranet.

  • EdConnective-Logo-A


    Category: Education

    EdConnective’s goal is to foster great teaching in every classroom for at-risk students. Highly effective teachers accelerate student achievement by multiple grade levels in a single year but most teachers don’t have the supports needed to become highly effective. Urban districts spend 1-8% of their total operating budget on teacher improvement services to address teacher quality, yet this money is largely wasted on ineffective services. EdConnective provides individual observation, feedback, and coaching for K-12 teachers, using a high-impact methodology that helps teachers become more effective. Teachers record their instruction and upload it to my off-site coaches who provide intensive support

  • EcoHelp, LLC

    Category: Education

    3rd Party Health inspector. Helping small food business serve safe food . Offering inspections and coaching of management and staff in day to day operations. I have 20 years experience in the industry, this was born as I witnessed large chains have this service available to them. So this small business is available to small business This service will get the staff in the habits needed to protect the brand and negative press. When the health department does come for inspection, no one will freak out causing mistakes that don't normally happen. They will have experience being inspected.

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